Chapter 25; Regret

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A few moments pass and I don't hear back from her. Assuming she is already asleep I turn off my phone and lay down in the dark room. A minute later, my phone chimes.

Trin; hey girl, everything okay???

Me; I don't know. I just told my mom about Michael and I...

Trin; oh shit... how'd she take it?

Me; she was okay with it surprisingly...

Trin; so what's wrong then?

Me; it's what she said... she told me to be careful because she doesn't want to see me heart broken again... or pregnant.

Trin; and why does that bother you? Michael is a good guy and you can't be pregnant. So what's wrong?

Me; well.. that's the thing Trin... I missed my period this month...

Trin; Oh no. . .

- - -

1 Month Later
Olivia POV
3:00 AM

       I was awoken by the feeling of nausea. I swung my covers from over me and rushed to the bathroom. I fell to my knees in front of the toilet and threw up nothing but stomach acid. I haven't eaten much lately off the strength of having a weak stomach. I am starving, but everything just keeps coming back up.
       When I finished up, I stood up and flushed the toilet. I rubbed my eyes and took a glance at myself in the mirror. I slightly fixed my hair which was of no point because I was going back to bed. I shook my head at myself, turned off the light and made my way back to bed.
       Before walking back into my room, I noticed Michael's light peering through the bottom of his closed door. "Should I go in there?" I whispered to myself. I quietly made my way over to his door and lightly knocked. There was no answer, so I quietly let myself in. It looks as though he fell asleep whilst reading a book. I made my way over to him and was taken aback when I saw his exposed chest. I bit my lip and grabbed the edges of the blanket. I began pulling it over him until I felt a grip on my arms.
       I let out a scream as Michael pulled me into his bed. I was startled but Michael was laughing. "That's not funny! You almost gave me a heart attack!" I whisper shouted. "What's the point in whispering? You already screamed Liv!" He said between laughs. I rolled my eyes and tried to get up. Michael finished up laughing and pulled me back down. "I miss you, girl." He said in his soft tone. It was so cute. "I didn't go anywhere." I responded. He sighed, "Liv, you've been keeping your distance from me for over a month now. What did I do to upset you?" He asked. I swallowed hard. I was avoiding him because I might be pregnant. I can't tell him that. Not until it's for sure. Maybe not ever. "Well?" He asked as I continued to sit in silence. "You barely eat, you're mostly asleep these days. If I didn't do something, you can still tell me what is bothering you." He reassured me. I smirked. "Theres nothing wrong. I missed you too. Can I sleep in here, tonight?" I responded hoping that would make him drop the topic. "I would love for you to do that, Liv." He said. I crawled into the bed and laid down next to him. He took no time pulling my body close to his. I love when he holds me this way. He switched the light off and rested his head next to me. "You know, just because you are sleeping in my bed tonight, doesn't mean I am going to let these past few weeks of silence slide." He admitted. I grew upset. I was cornered now. I don't know what to tell him so I laid there in silence. He pecked my cheek and soon fell fast asleep.
       Once about an hour passed and he managed to move to the other side of the bed in his sleep, I quietly and quickly slipped out of his bed and went downstairs. I opened my phone and called Triniti. I know it was super late, but I needed to get out of here. After about 3 rings, I heard a tired and groggy voice on the other line. "Girl, why you calling my phone at this hour?" Triniti said. "Please come get me. I can't stay here." I said, my voice starting to crack. Triniti knew immediately. "I'll be there in about 10 minutes." She said in a now more lively tone. I put on my shoes, and a sweater then sat on the couch and silently cried. I was so scared.
       After about 8 minutes, I wiped away the tears and made the decision to wait outside. Within the next 5, I saw Trinity pull up and I rushed into her car. I sat in the passenger seat and locked eyes with her. I lost it all over again. She wiped away the tears and rubbed my back. "We gotta go before he notices I'm gone." I said through the tears. Triniti pulled out of the driveway and began driving. "Why are you running, Liv? If you're pregnant, he isn't going to leave." She reassured me. I found it within myself to calm down and run Triniti through what she's missed in a month of my absence. I had been MIA from more than just Michael lately. "He told me loves me, Trin." I said. "Wait, WHAT?" she basically shouted, "did you say it back? Wait. Hold on..." she froze, she had to process it. "I did. I think I regret it now." I admitted. "Why?" She asked. "Because this feels too rushed. I can't be pregnant." I said. "Well, girl. We goin' to planned parenthood tomorrow morning." She demanded. "And I am not letting you run. He gon' be there whether he or you want it or not." She added. I sat there silently.
       We pulled into her driveway and made our way inside. I took my shoes off and went into her room. I slept in her room with her because she was too worried about me to let me sleep alone. All the tears I cried made me exhausted so within no time, I was fast asleep.

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