rules for the princess

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princess pov

he pulls me up on the counter and brings out this board that has glitter, sparkles and pink covering it.

"are you ready for the rules, princess?"
"yes, daddy"
"rule number one, always call me daddy, no matter what. rule number two, don't ever curse. rule number three, daddy knows best so don't talk back or be disrespectful. rule number four, your princess parts are mine, don't touch them without permission. rule number five, no misbehaving because there will be punishments. last but not least rule number six, don't forget that you are a beautiful and perfect princess", he kisses me on the nose.

"awww, thanks dada", i blush.
"do you understand all the rules?", i nod my head.
"words, princess"
"yes daddy, i do"
"now, i think it's about time for a nap", he grins.
"yay! nappy time!", i cheer as he pulls me off the counter and onto his hip.
"you like nappies, don't you?"
"yes daddy i do, i so sleepy", i yawn and he puts me on the sofa.
"now you take a nap and i'll make lunch", i nod as i fall into a deep sleep.

daddy pov

my new princess was perfect. i loved her in ever single way possible. she was so little and innocent. i loved it. she also never came out of her little space which was amazing.

it was hard to hide the boner i got from her. i knew she wanted to be sexual active but she was still a virgin. i wanted to wait until she was ready.

i decided for lunch we would have sandwiches and chips. i knew it wouldn't take long to make the meal so i went to my office to work.

some of my employees at work were slacking off while i've been gone and i was gonna let them know exactly how i felt about it.
"shut the fuck up, jerry! i don't give a shit if your mother died! you're supposed to do your job regardless! you better step up your game before i fire you and your bitch ass mom!", i yell into the phone.

"dada", i hear a sleepy princess say walking through my door. i hang up the phone.
"yes, princess"
"why daddy mad? did i do something bad? i'm sorry if i did, just please don't make me go back with my dad", she falls down in tears.
i run and pick her up, "no princess, you've done nothing wrong. it was just some meanies at work, nothing else. shhh... now go back to sleep"
"i not sleepy anymore"

i laugh at her tired eyes. she obviously was still tired but was trying to be a big girl.

"okay then you can help me make lunch", i walk into the kitchen and we wash our hands.

i let her make her own sandwich. she slapped five slices of meat on her sandwich, basically no lettuce and one tomato on the top of the bread. she said it was her specialty.

i made myself a normal sandwich and got us both bags of lays potato chips. i slipped her into her high chair. she ate messily with her hands. she munched and crunches on her chips. devouring her meal.

i watched as she finished her last chip, her eyes began to shut and her body slump over. she fell asleep with a chip in her mouth. i got a few photos but cleaned her up and put her back on the sofa to rest.

i finished my work and woke her up from her second nap. "i didn't even know i fell asleep, daddy", she giggled rubbing her eyes.
"well you did princess, wanna color and watch monsters inc.?"
she jumps up and down, "yes, daddy! yes!"
"ok, ok. settle down, princess"

i pulled out all 10 color books i had and the hundreds of markers and crayons i had stored for her. her eyes lit up and she immediately started coloring. she wasn't even watching the movie.

she was so adorable. i just wanted to fuck her.

i watched as she pushed her butt up in the air and became more focused on her drawing. i needed a release. i hadn't cum in weeks.

i stared at her little skirt riding up. her panties we showing perfectly. i unzipped my pants and began to stroke myself. i pumped hard and fast.

her ass was so perfect and round. i thought about how huge her breast were. much bigger than what seemed normal for her body. i could tell she didn't wear a bra though.

i felt myself become close as i watched my tip get red with pleasure. i grabbed a tissue and came. i didn't want to make a mess or catch princesses attention so i was discrete.

it felt so good to cum. i loved it and i loved my princess.


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