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12장 : 나는 몰랐다

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12장 : 나는 몰랐다

( Chapter 12 : I didn't know )




Chanmi's P.O.V.

"This is considered kidnapping too,you know?" I stated as he let go of my hand when we arrived at the bus stop. Jimin rolled his eyes at me and leaned on the bench nearby.

"And you're really grumpy today,you know?" He teased me as I just rolled my eyes.

"Just shut up!" I spat back. Seriously,I was ready to kill this guy anytime.

I was extremely angry at his attitude today,just who does he think he is? Taking me to wherever he wants without my consent.

I looked over and he didn't even seem bothered one bit. He just kept looking for the bus to arrive.

"Kitten,the bus is coming! Let's go!" Jimin said as the bus stopped and we got in. 

There were a few empty places left and as usual for me,I headed towards the back seat but,was stopped from a strong grip on my wrist that pulled me on the front row seats.

"Yah!" I yelled at him as a couple of stares were thrown at our direction.

"What is it now? Still mad at me?" He asked in an annoyed tone as I scoffed and left the seat without a word.I took the seat on the back of the bus and a couple of seconds later,a middle-aged man sat just one seat away from me.

I didn't notice it at first,but that man was really creeping me out.He just kept staring at me like some weird pervert and it was making me feel uneasy.Right now,I just wished I would have listened to Jimin and sat next to him. I wanted to go back but,my pride wouldn't allow me to do so.I looked away in hopes to ignore him.

Just then,I felt the presence of another person taking the seat next to me.I immediately looked to my right,only to be greeted with Jimin's chocolate eyes. He smiled sweetly and slowly held my hand,which really confused the hell out of me.It was a few seconds later that I realized he was trying to do.

And it worked.The man just stood up and went to the front seats,where me and Jimin previously were.

He let go of my hand and his face went back to his normal bratty one.

"You would have made things easier if you had just listened to me." Jimin said,his eyes still facing the front view as I stood quiet. "What would you have done if I wasn't here to help you?" He kept scolding me.

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