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Bradley stared at his ceiling he couldn't fall asleep with his mind racing. His mind was always going and when it stopped, it was only for a split second. Lately, whenever he fell to sleep he's been waking up after three or four hours and not being able to go back to sleep for almost twenty-four hours. Which tired the boy out and as soon as school was over he would go home and get under the covers and binge watch his favourite tv shows and movies.

He had no motivation and was just so exhausted all the time. He didn't care about pleasing his parents or his grades he wanted somebody to hold him and make everything go away.

He wanted a fresh start where he could be happy and not have to fake his happiness. He wanted to smile, laugh and enjoy life. He didn't want to be stressed out over school or his crush he wanted to be free.

Free from everything and everyone. He wanted to be in outer space where it's just him the stars and the planets. That way he could finally be at peace.

But did he deserve peace? Most of the religious people in his town think not. They think he needs to pay for his sins for being gay. I mean there's no way anybody could control their sexuality but they seem to think people can.

Bradley sighed his mind was always wandering he could think of bunnies and the next thing he would know he would think about people getting murdered. He really was fucked up in the head just like many people told him when they found out he was gay. Some people even called him a man whore when they found out.

He guessed they all just assumed that he slept with a guy just to try it and loved it or something. But in reality, Bradley hasn't even had his first kiss yet. He doesn't just want to give his first kiss or virginity to anyone he wants to give it to someone who cares for him.

Someone that will love him and cherish those memories instead of only remembering parts since they were drunk and having them care about scoring. Bradley just wanted to be loved like most people in the world. But he's too scared to go out and try to find it. He lives in constant fear he'll be used and then thrown away.

Like he's just a piece of garbage. Tears streamed down Bradley's face and he curled into a ball hiding his face under the blankets. "Why can't somebody love me?" He asks in a whisper.

When the sun ruse a couple hours later Bradley woke up in a fright. His mum was pounding on his door "yes" he called out sleepily.

"Our new neighbours are coming over in an hour so take a shower and get dressed." Bradley sighed he wanted to stay under the covers. He laid in bed watching supernatural for the next forty minutes in peace before his mum knocked on the door "they're going to be here in twenty minutes sweetheart."

His mum walked away and Bradley quickly went over to his dresser and closet and grabbed some random clothes. He rushed into the bathroom and took a quick five-minute shower. He dried himself off, slowly put his clothes on and styled his hair. When he looked at himself in the mirror, he sighed he felt like he could look so much better; he wished he looked better. He was wearing a blue and black flannel with black skinny jeans his favourite necklace and a pair of black Adidas.

Bradley went into his room turned off his tv and slowly made his way downstairs. He could hear laughter and people talking and all he wanted to do was run back into his room and hide. As he went down the last step, he heard his mum say "oh this is my son Bradley." He looked up from the floor and saw a brunette woman with green eyes and a delicate form.

She smiled at him, "it's nice to meet you Bradley my names Kathrine," she pointed to Bradley's left, "and that's my son Sebastian."

I looked over to where she pointed and sure enough to his dismay; it was not some random other kid named Sebastian. It was his crush he looked over at Bradley and his eyes widened.

"Well, me and Kathrine are going to go sit out by the pool why don't you two get to know each other." Bradley looked over at his mum as she said this she knows how socially awkward he is but thankfully she doesn't know about his crush on him. He gave her begging eyes hoping that she wouldn't leave him alone with Sebastian or would at least let him go back to hibernating in his room.

But she smiled, and they both walked outside closing the sliding door behind them. Leaving Bradley and Sebastian alone together. Bradley wished his sister Natalie was here, but she's twenty-two and is in college thousands of miles away.

"They set this up didn't they?" Sebastian asked.

Bradley looked at him and quietly said, "probably."

Bradley didn't dare look into Sebastian's eyes knowing damn well he would get lost in them.

Sebastian chuckled, "you really are something you know that."


Author Note: I wrote around two hundred words yesterday then got bored and just wrote the rest of this between 7-8 in the morning.

This chapter is slightly shorter than the first one but I just felt like this would have been the perfect place to end the chapter.

This chapter (the actual chapter I don't count the author's note) is in the 930 words range maybe little higher I don't remember exactly.

I kept writing I and my then having to go back and change it to him, his and Bradley...

Anyways here's to me actually updating this book twice in one week.

How are you guys liking the story so far?

I know it can be better but I'm not the best at editing.

Anyways I hope you have an amazing day.

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