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eight; DARK EYES

"Miss are you quite alright? You haven't spoken a word since the speech," Wendy asked Seulgi as they walked through town. "Did you not enjoy it?"

Seulgi lifted her eyes from the pavement. "No of course I did! It was everything I hoped for, it truly was excellent. Just..."

"Just what? You seem in a sort of trance,"

"I saw a woman," Seulgi began. "With the most beautiful face... yet her eyes were so dark and cold,"

Wendy blinked in confusion and shook her head.

"I'm not entirely sure why," Seulgi continued to mumble. "But her dark eyes have made me feel strange,"


"Very strange indeed,"

Wendy and Seulgi both fell into silence and stopped at a bakers to pick up some bread for the dinner. It was as Wendy was paying and Seulgi was standing outside waiting for her when Seulgi felt that cold chill again. She turned around and saw the very woman she was telling Wendy about right in front of her. Her hands were clasped over a small black purse. Seulgi's eyes met her dark ones and she was rendered speechless.

The woman blinked a few times and watched Seulgi frown, her own face completely expressionless. The woman opened her mouth to say something, raising her thin eyebrow at the same time, but was cut off by Wendy.

"Miss Seulgi? Let us go, I have the bread," Wendy said, her head down as she put her money in her bag. Seulgi's head turned to her for a fraction of a second but still, the woman had disappeared when she looked back.

"Damn it!" Seulgi exclaimed, making Wendy look up in shock.

"Why such foul language, Miss?" Wendy asked.

"She was right there- the woman with the dark eyes!" Seulgi said. "Did you see her?"

"No," Wendy said and looked behind Seulgi. "I saw no one,"

Seulgi grunted in frustration. "How intriguing those eyes of hers are. I should like to see her again," The two walked away from the bakers, unknowing to the woman who stood down the side of the bakers, watching them walk away with those dark "intriguing" eyes.

From that moment on, Seulgi did everything she could to see, and possibly, take part in Suffragette movements. The speech she had been to was so inspiring and Seulgi knew that it was so right as well- she wanted to be a part of it more than ever. She tried to keep Wendy away from newspapers and radios the past few days- which is where she got her information on the Suffragettes from. So far she had been successful, and Wendy was unknowing of a Suffragette movement occurring Monday.

"Wendy," Seulgi said Sunday night, to the maid in the mirror that brushed her hair lightly.

"Yes Miss?" Wendy asked.

"I wish to go into town tomorrow," she began. "There are some things I would like to purchase,"

"Of course Miss," Wendy replied. She put the brush down. "I shall come with you,"

"Ah no, it's quite alright," Seulgi replied calmly, despite the sudden panic inside of her. "It is nothing of any importance- I just wish to get some things for Harold- he is leaving on Wednesday after all,"

"I see Miss," Wendy said. "What time will you leave?"

Seulgi cheered inside her head. "About 11 I should think. I am not sure what time I will return - it will definitely be before dark,"

"Okay then," Wendy replied and held up a candle for Seulgi to see her way to bed. She crawled into bed.

"How long will Harold be?" Seulgi asked. "If he is long, I should like to read some of my book,"

"He still has a lot of paperwork to do Miss," Wendy said and handed Seulgi her book from the desk. "Here, enjoy yourself,"

"I shall," Seulgi smiled. "Goodnight Wendy,"

"Goodnight Miss Seulgi," Wendy said and left the room.

Seulgi smirked to herself, feeling smug. She would enjoy herself tomorrow, she knew that much. For now, she sat reading her book in bed, enjoying the rare occurrence of this activity.

Monday morning came swiftly and soon Seulgi was putting her coat on with the help of Wendy.

"You have money Miss?" Wendy asked, a small frown present on her face.

"I do," Seulgi replied. "Do not look so nervous Wendy! I am 20 years of age, I shall be fine on my own,"

Wendy bit her nails a little. "I know you will - I just worry about you Miss,"

"I will be fine," Seulgi reassured her. "Worry about yourself rather than me- go and have a cup of tea and enjoy the quiet,"

"Yes Miss," Wendy said and watched her walk out the door. "Enjoy your outing!"

"I shall!" Seulgi yelled and waved back at the house before turning the corner and skipping down the road happily. When the Korean arrived in town she was surprised at how many police were wandering around - they too must have been told about the event and were preparing to keep it under control. Seulgi felt a little nervous as she passed them, but tried to reassure herself that she was not guilty of any crime.

Although she had heard of the event - she did not know any details about it, including where it took place, and what time. She paced the streets slowly, her eyes roaming the streets with a slight nervous demise. She could see no women that she recognised from the speech and thought with disappointment that she might have missed it.

"Lost?" A quiet by gentle voice asked from behind Seulgi. Seulgi spun quickly to see the woman with the dark eyes. She wouldn't let herself be caught in a trance by her eyes again and acted quickly.

"You!" She said in shock.

"What about me?" The woman asked calmly, clutching the her purse close to her. She wore a similar outfit to last time- in fact it was identical except that it was a navy blue instead of black. Her hat did not have a lace this time, but instead it had a few dark bird feathers attached to it, Seulgi thought it looked rather sophisticated and made a mental note to buy a hat of a similar fashion.

"Just- I remember seeing you at the speech and outside the bakery," Seulgi replied. "Excuse my rudeness,"

"It is true you saw me on both occasions," the woman's face remained unreadable as she wore no expression but simply kept her face neutral and still when not talking.

"But you disappeared also," Seulgi added, waiting for an explanation as she looked into her dark eyes. Up close they didn't seem as cold and piercing, and they were a beautiful dark brown rather than the black orbs they had looked from afar.

The woman simply blinked and ignored the question. "You are lost no?" Seulgi nodded. "Let me lead you,"

a/n: I had a dream Seulgi was holding my hand and smiling at me :((( i want her :(

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