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The next morning Seulgi was buzzing, as expected. She had gotten up extra early and danced around the house. She waved off Harold as he went away for business and ran inside to find Wendy. Said woman was already standing by the door, holding Seulgi's coat and bag with a small smirk.

The two women walked into town, it only being a small distance away. On the corner of a street they heard some women yelling something.

"Are they Suffragettes do you think?" Seulgi asked Wendy as they passed the women.

"Miss Pankhurst will be making an appearance at 12 o'clock," one rather plump woman yelled at them as they walked by. "At 12 o'clock behind the butchers!"

"Yes, I think they are," Wendy returned.

"Miss Pankhurst?" Seulgi questioned. "By Jove I know that name! She's the leader of the Suffragettes!" Her didn't contain her excitement as she spoke these words.

"She certainly is!" The plump Suffragette woman shouted, with a wink and turned back to the street.

Seulgi turned to Wendy with wide eyes and clapped. "Oh my, this is a treat! I'm so excited!

"I must say I rather am too," Wendy chuckled.

It was only 10 o'clock, and so the women looked around the shops for a while and even had a late breakfast at a small café.

By 11:45 Seulgi was restless. "Can't we go now? Please?"

"Oh fine," Wendy finally gave in. "Since you've done nothing but ask since 11 o'clock,"

"Excellent! I'm awfully excited," Seulgi told Wendy as they made their way to the back of the butchers. Both were surprised to see the small area already packed with women. Some wore bands of colours, green white and purple. The place was noisy, and there was an angry air to the place.

She detached herself from Wendy and began to walk into the heart of crowd.

"Miss! Miss Seulgi! Return at once! Miss!" Wendy's distance shouts came but Seulgi was far too interested in listening to the other women's conversations that she didn't hear the woman. She only heard snippets of conversations, but still she was enthralled.

She bumped into someone whilst walking backwards. "I say- I am sorry," she apologised and turned to face them.

"Just watch it you poshtotty," The woman returned, her London accent was very strong. "Women like you don't last long in places like this,"

Seulgi backed away, frowning a little. She turned away from the woman and braced herself in case she bumped into anyone else. When she was in the very centre of the group she tapped another woman on the shoulder- she dressed similar to her and hoped she wasn't as rude as the other woman. The woman turned around to her.

"Hello, um," she began a little nervously. The woman had piercing cat shaped eyes and was very pretty. "Do you know when Miss Pankhurst will arrive?"

"Why, any minute now," the woman returned. Her voice was 'posh' like Seulgi's and Seulgi felt relieved.

"Oh, thank you,"

The woman nodded and turned back around to face the front. There was then a bang as the back door of the butchers opened and a woman stepped out. The chatter turned into a loud cheer and shouts. Seulgi couldn't help but smile widely- the spirit and aura in the air was incredible. She could feel the excitement and anticipation of the other women. These women all yelled and cheered so aggressively, and Seulgi joined in, thoroughly enjoying herself.

The woman walked into a small platform that elevated her above them all and held out her hands for silence. It was willingly given. Then she opened her mouth and began.

What she actually said, Seulgi could never tell you. She was too caught up in the moment, in such a far too flustered and excited mood to remember anything. But she could tell you, that everything Miss Pankhurst said was right, so right. It was everything Seulgi had ever thought it would be - inspiring, passionate, and quite moving at times. Right there, in that crowd, cheering and agreeing to everything this woman said, Seulgi felt perfectly at home.

When Miss Pankhurst finished she left and everyone started to move and leave. Seulgi was caught right in the middle of the crowd and made the smart decision to just stand still and let everyone leave without fighting them. She stared ahead of her as she let people leave. Her eyes locked with a shockingly dark pair of pretty eyes. The eyes stared back, unblinking, and Seulgi got the feeling that these eyes had been watching her for a while.

When the crowd had mostly cleared she could see the face that went with the eyes. The woman's face has such delicate and small features. Her held her pretty face in a rather intimidating stare and Seulgi felt frozen. Her skin was pale and her lips were naturally light pink, which contrasted her dark eyes, dark hair and dark outfit. She wore a large dark hat with lace that fell over half her face in the most elegant way. Her dress matched her hat, black velvet and it was made of many layers that added to its smart style. Those eyes didn't look away from Seulgi's- and they caused a cold chill to wash over Seulgi when she blinked slowly.

"There you are Miss Seulgi!" Wendy's annoyed voice came, making Seulgi turn her head to her. Wordlessly, she let Wendy drag her away, and turned her head back to the woman but she had gone. Seulgi blinked a few times and shook her head, thinking she had imagined it. Yet she still felt a cold chill pass over her when she thought of those eyes.

a/n: disclaimerrrrr: I barely know anything about Suffragettes or 1914 england- so if it's not right, just imagine it is :)

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