Good Possibilities

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Evie's POV:

Their not wrong, I have been lying to them. You see I know a lot more about Alex than I'm letting on, I mean I read her file so I know quite a bit about her and I've also about this whole situation. When Clancy came to the mall I accepted his offer and I've been working for him for months now and the whole plan seems to be working, the plan that Clancy came up with of course, the whole plan basically consists of me trying to get them on my side, just so that its easier for Clancy to trick them into working for him but in order to do that I can only give them a certain amount of information which is proving to be more difficult than I first anticipated as they do not stop asking questions, well to be fair they didn't the first time I meet them so I should have expected this. 

"Why don't you believe me?" I asked, genuinely curious. "Maybe its we know absolutely nothing about you," Chubs replied. He had a fair point. "Well, what do you want to know," I asked, hoping they didn't ask anything that I would have trouble finding a lie, no stretching the truth for. "I wanna know why on earth you think we would trust you. For all we know you could be working hide in hide with Clancy," Liam said. Well you are not wrong my friend, you are not. "If I was working hand in hand with Clancy would I be locked in a cage right now," I said, completely lying to them as I am working with Clancy and I am locked in a cage right now. "She makes a good point Liam," Chubs replied. "Yeah but your supposed to be the smart one, for all we know this could all be apart of Clancy's plan," Liam said. Are we sure he's not a green? I thought.  "Why would Clancy come up with a plan this weird?" Chubs asked. "I don't know you're the green here, shouldn't you be the one coming up with an explanation," Liam replied. "Okay, my explanation is that if she really is working with Clancy, doesn't it seem a little to obvious for him or maybe that's what he wants us to think?" Chubs said, his eyes glowing green. Great, all I need is for Chubs to figure this out, although Clancy has strayed from the original plan, Alex was never meant to suddenly disappear but who am I do question what he does, I wouldn't want to question him since I kinda like being alive because you see the last person to question him was Mark, Alex's father, and well he is no longer with us, shot in the head the second he even said a word against Clancy, so I think I'll stick with the new plan, which seems to consist of keeping me in the dark.

"But then why would Clancy do that but then we don't really know Clancy or why he does anything so he could totally do that just to mess with our heads or he could totally have set this whole thing to make us trust Evie just to throw it back in our faces or he could totally could have happened the way Evie said and Clancy took Alex to have someone to threaten or..." Chubs said. "Chubs, you're blabbering," Liam said cutting him off. "Sorry but there all pretty decent possibilities." He said, finally finishing talking. "I like the one where she's working with Clancy as its the one that's most likely to be true," Liam said, looking over to Zu, most likely to make sure she was okay but while we were arguing about who's side I'm on. I totally understand why Clancy wants Liam dead, well for starters he's such a know it all, which is surprising as he's a blue not a green but I have to admit he's kinda hot. 

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