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Johnny PoV
God. Only if darian was here. She's the person I talk to about everything. Guess I'll just have to talk to Lauren.
I go into Lauren's room and tell her everything
Lauren: do you still like her?
Me: well yeah but I feel like she's a player
Lauren: she isn't I swear. I know her better then you. I have followed her channel for 3-4 years. I swear she isn't a player. She's never even had a real boyfriend until you. Y/n isn't a player
Me: what do you think I should do?
Lauren: tell her how you feel before Zephan does. He likes her too. I heard him talking to his friends telling them that he's gonna ask tomorrow
Me: then I'll do it now
Lauren: acc he said that yesterday so he's telling her today
Me: what??
Lauren: runnnnnn
I ran to her room to find it locked
Knock! Knock!
Y/n: yeah?
Me: it's me. John
Y/n: can you wait a sec. I'm in the middle of something
Me: are you in there with Zephan?
Y/n: yep
Me: great I'm too late
Y/n opens the door
Y/n: too late for what
Me: nothing. It doesn't matter
Y/n: just tell me
Me: I was going to ask if you wanted to talk the problems through and consider getting back together but Zephan probably already asked you out and you obviously said yes. Why wouldn't you? He's so kind to-
Y/n: he didn't ask me out. He's asking out mars again so they can work things out. And also I would love to talk about getting back together. You don't realise how hard these past few days have been. I haven't even posted on Instagram like that's a big deal
Me: and I've missed all of your hilarious jokes
Y/n: I wasn't joking
Me: oh
Y/n: I'm joking. Obviously I'm joking.
Me: hahaha
Y/n: love the sarcasm

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