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"Sarah," Lexi laughed as her blonde best friend dragged her up to the door of their usual bar for Friday post-work drinks. "I really don't need you to set me up with anyone!" she protested. "I am perfectly fine being single."

"Lexi," Sarah yelled dramatically, turning around to face the brunette. "You can say that all you want, but I am just looking to find my bestie some lovin'," Sarah winked as Lexi rolled her eyes and shoved the girl through the door of the bar and right up to the counter. Sarah left Lexi to pick up their drinks while she went to find a table in the semi-crowded bar. 

"Hey Nick," Lexi greeted when the bartender finally caught sight of her. "Just the usual for Sarah and I!"

"Sure thing darlin'," Nick said as he began reaching for the bottle of Jack Daniels he knew the two girls loved almost as much as they loved each other. Lexi stood silently, looking around the bar and smiling to the people she knew, skimming over a group of large rowdy men in the corner. She felt a presence on her left side and ignored it until a heavy hand settled on her waist. 

"Hey there girly," a voice cooed into her ear (very sleazy sounding if she did say so herself) making her flinch back from the foreign hand on her. 

"Hands off unless you want to lose them, buddy," Lexi barked, turning and trying to not become intimidated at the man standing at least over 6 foot and about 200 pounds. She tried to look for Nick, but he had unfortunately traveled to the opposite end of the bar to finish mixing their drinks. 

"Aw don't be like that sweetheart," the man continued, now sliding his hand to rest over her ass, locking her in place and ignoring the way Lexi was shoving at his arm and trying to back out of his embrace. "Let's say you and me-"

"Hey man, I think the lady wants to be let go," a low voice called from over her head with a hint of a threat in his tone. Lexi looked over her shoulder to see two large and intimidating  (not to mention breathtaking) men standing side by side and staring down the asshole who was still holding onto her. 

"Why don't you back off asshole?" Asshole barked as Lexi continued to try and back out of his arms that seemed to only clutch her tighter. 

"Seriously dude, let her go," one of the men practically growled, stepping forward and grabbing the guys wrist that was resting on the bar. He yelped as the tattooed man presumably squeezed his wrist tightly, finally letting go of Lexi and she practically fell into the second guy. 

"Whatever man, you two have fun with this little slut," asshole fumed and stormed away leaving Lexi breathing a little heavily between the two large men. 

"Hey are you ok?" The one on the left asked softly, gently touching her shoulder. 

"Yeah I think so," Lexi breathed heavily, finally calming down a bit. "Thank you guys so much, I really appreciate it." 

Both of the guys shrugged it off. "It's absolutely no problem, we love taking care of guys that think its ok to treat girls like that."

"Well at least let me buy y'all a drink to say thank you?" Lexi pleaded, beaming brightly as the guys both conceded. As Nick came back over with her and Sarah's drink, she ordered the boys both a beer, ignoring Nick's wide-eyed look as he saw who was standing behind Lexi. "I'm Lexi by the way," she introduced herself to the two men behind her as she waited for their beers.

"I'm Jamie," one of them introduced, actually reaching out to shake her hand. 

"Tyler," his friend followed, accompanied by an insanely sexy smirk as he shook Lexi's hand for a little bit longer than necessary, leading her to raise her eyebrow at him. 

"It's nice to meet y'all," Lexi smiled, turning around when Nick nudged her with the beers that she turned around and presented to the guys. "So here is to my very sincere thanks that some of the male species aren't complete assholes," Lexi giggled as she tapped her glass with the boy's bottles. "I'm not sure if you guys are here with people, but if you want my best friend has a table over there if you want to join us," Lexi invited, knowing that Sarah would be all too happy if Lexi came back with both drinks and two stunning men. 

"Hey why not," Tyler agreed, looking towards Jamie who was nodding too. "Lead the way Lexi," he gestured for her to walk ahead of the two of them towards where Sarah had settled at a table in the corner. Lexi pretended not to be affected when Tyler placed his hand on the small of her back as they walked through the crowd. 

"Hey babe that took a while," Sarah laughed as she saw Lexi approach the table. 

"Sorry, a guy got a little handsy at the bar and he had to be handled so I bought my saviors drinks and brought them over," Lexi explained as she sat next to Sarah in the booth. "Sarah this is Jamie-"

"Holy shit," Sarah spluttered, looking at the two men. "You're kidding right Lex?" 

"What?" Lexi asked confused, looking between Sarah and the boys who seemed to almost be blushing.

"Lexi that's Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin," Sarah whisper-shouted, but it was clear for both of the boys to hear and begin to look a little uncomfortable. 

"Ok?" Lexi said confused. "Should that mean something to me?" 

"Shit I forgot you don't watch hockey," Sarah grumbled as it clicked in Lexi's mind. 

"Oh, do y'all play for the Stars?" Lexi asked the boys nonchalantly as Sarah rolled her eyes. 

"I hate you," Sarah said in an annoyed tone. "Want to sit down boys?" She finally asked and the boys laughed and took seats across from the girls. "Nice game against the avs tonight you two, that was a good win."

"Well thank you," Jamie winked as Sarah seemed to be able to calm down in the presence of the hockey players. The four of them talked for two hours about anything and everything. Like Lexi had guessed, Sarah could not take her eyes off of Jamie and it seemed to be mutual. In the meanwhile, Tyler had been staring at Lexi any time he thought she wasn't looking and she had caught him more than once but his response had been to just smile brightly and to tune back into the conversation. 

When it was finally time for the boys to leave, the four of them exchanged phone numbers and after Lexi had thanked both of them again, the girls were alone again. 

"I honestly can't believe that just happened," Sarah chuckled as the two of them laughed uncontrollably. 

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