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I stood at all the pregnancy tests in Walmart- feeling more tears come into my eyes at all the options.

I had no fucking idea what I was doing and there was no pregnant women around me to help.

So I did what I knew I had to do.

I texted Ash

I need suggestions as to what is a good pregnancy test before I break down crying in Target

It was only seconds later before he was calling and I answered.

"Hey" I breathed out.

"Princess- where are you?" He spoke so calmly- and just that almost made me cry.

"Target" I sniffed lightly.

"Go home, I'll come get you from Nick's-" "he kicked me out" my voice immediately cracked.

"Baby- where are you staying?" He was more than sympathetic.

"The hotel on Canal street"

"Go there, I'm coming."

So I drove back to the hotel.

I sat on the hotel bed, texting Ashton the room number he asked for, and I cried my eyes out as I waited.

I didn't even know why I was crying- everything just hurt.

Soon there was a knock- and I immediately got up, opening the door seeing my Ash.

I almost jumped into his arms, crying into his shoulder.

"Please don't be mad at me" I cried out.

"Baby- you're an adult, you are in a serious relationship-" that made me cry even more.

"He dumped me- we're done" I cried out.

"Does he know you think-" "that's why Ashton" I cried, making him pull me into another hug.

"Come on, let's go to the hospital and take a test and do some blood work."

I gave an immediate nod, gaining my composure before I saw him entering my room, grabbing my things.

"What are you doing?" I questioned

"I'll die before I let you stay in a hotel room alone"

With that, he forced me to check out of the hotel room and I followed him in my car to the guy's house.

I got straight into his car, where he drove us to the hospital.

"So if you're pregnant, is this a good thing?" He questioned, making me look to him.

"I mean- I like the idea of it" I mumbled.

"But not alone" I continued quietly.

"You won't be alone, baby" he spoke, his hand hitting my knee gently.

"But- if you're too scared to not have Nick through this- there's always adoption." He spoke slowly- watching my reaction.

I shook my head slowly
"I want to keep my baby"

I held his arm as we walked into the hospital that I hadn't been in, in about two years.

"Okay so first you pee on the stick, and just to be sure- we'll do some blood work" he spoke, allowing me to follow him into a storage closet where he handed me a pregnancy test.

He followed me to the bathroom where he gave me a small smile before I went in nervously.

I peed on the stick before washing my hands, waiting patiently, setting the timer on my phone.

I let Ashton in with me, not caring what people thought because I needed him in this moment.

He hugged me into him- and I relaxed against him, closing my eyes.

My alarm went off and he scurried over to the sink, looking in.

"Babygirl" he laughed out lightly.

"You're going to be a baby momma"

He hurried and drew my blood, putting a rush on it as we sat patiently in his office.

"Will Calum be mad?" I asked.

"Casey- you're about to be twenty two, you are old enough to live by your own choices." Ashton laughed.

"I promise- as long as you're happy, Calum is going to be happy."

Soon, the blood results came back as our second positive.

I was pregnant

And I was keeping it

And I had no fucking idea what I was going to do.

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