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I couldn’t sleep that night. I just stayed up, reading some magazines. I saw an article about Niall and Demi. He already explained that there’s nothing going on and that they are just friends. I believed him. There were no lies between us. Well except for mine. I really hated lying to him and I really wanted to tell him the truth. So I was worried about our relationship. Its not a crime, right? I decided I’ll go to the airport and talk to him before he leaves. While I was thinking my mum came home. I guess she was out with a guy again. My parents divorced 6 years ago and she really spent a lot of time getting over it. I don’t know for sure, but I think she has a boyfriend. It would be so weird to have a guy in the house again! And what if I wouldn’t like him? I checked the time. It was 5am. Maybe she stayed over at his place and came home so that I wouldn’t know. I didn’t even notice I was falling asleep. Next thing you know, my magazines were on the floor and my phone fell out of my hand. I knew I have to wake up and set an alarm to catch Niall at the airport to talk to him! I just couldn’t open my eyes! I finally woke up. The sun was already up high in the sky. Did I miss the plane? Whats the time? Where's my phone? I unloched my Iphone and checked the time. 10:40. Oh no! I have 20 minutes to the airport! No time for waiting for the cab. I put on my Nike's and started running. If i was really fast, I could be there in 10 minutes! Im already half way! I wave to Mrs Green! No time to loose! I push the door and run to the information booth. "Excuse me! Excuse me?"

"Please wait a minute miss."

"But I can't wait!"

"Please be patient!"

I quickly check the time. 10:53

"I just need to know when the plane for LA leaves!"

"Sorry miss, the plane left 3 minutes ago!"

What? I missed the plane? I missed Niall? I could've sworn he said the plane leaves at 11am! What am I gonna do now? I saw a bunch of chairs by the wall. I decided to sit on one, just untill i catch my breath.

On my way over to the chairs I -clumsy as I am- tripped on a bag. A guy came rushing over, repeating:

"Are you okay? Are you okay?"

"yeah, I'm fine"

He helped me get up. I looked at him to say thanks but instead I only stared at him. His dreamy blue eyes were staring at me and his smile was as cheeky as always.



"You? What? How?"

"I couldn't get on the plane. Not before I talked to you."

"Talk to me? About what?"

He had a serious look on his face, and I knew it must be something important. Otherwise he wouldnt miss the plane.

"From the moment i picked you up yesterday, I knew something was wrong. I spent the whole night thinking about it. And then I finally figured it out! You're afraid! You're afraid of me leaving. So I was thinking. You're already 19 and maybe if you wanted.. You could come to America with me?"

That was really too much! I didn't really expect this. I didn't know what to say. If I didn't go, I'd be sad and I'd miss him. But if I went? Maybe that wouldn't be such a bad idea? I'm sure my mum wouldn't mind. Like he said: I am 19. Maybe If I asked her she wouldn't mind. But for a whole year? I'd..



"Do you wanna come to America with me?"

"I think so."

A huge smile came over his face and before you know it he was already hugging the hell out of me. I smiled and hugged him back.

"Okay our plane leaves in an hour. Do you want me to come with you and help you pack?"

"Yeah. That would be great!"

I hope you liked it.. I got some comments about how you didnt like the fact that 1D broke up.. I think this is the only fanfic where 1D isn't together and that makes it special. My oppinion. So like always please leave a comment and I'll upload next Sunday! Love xx

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