Chapter Fourteen

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Sammy sat next to Ari against a treen trunk with their arms tied together. Susie was attending to Amber's wounds while they disgusted how to get Carlos back.

"I'm starving, can we eat them yet?" Amber asks and Ari jumped into the conversation.

"Hey, if your hungry I'm a wonderful cook. So why don't you cut these ropes and I'll give you a taste!" Ari growled and bared her fangs.

"Ari, calm yourself." Sammy says closing his eyes to focus.

"What are you doing?" Ari asks once she was sure Amber and Susie weren't listening.

"I'm trying to use Duncan and I's link, so Shhh!" Sammy says, opening his eyes for a moment then closing them again. Ari let's out an angry huff, but stays silent.

"I'm not sure if he got the signal or not, it feels different." Sammy whispers and opens his eyes to look at Ari.


Duncan, Jonathan, Daisy, and Lauren sat in the back of the van waiting for Carlos to wake up. They'd used some band-aids from a first aid kit and wrapped them around Carlos's fingers so that his claws couldn't parilize anyone once he wakes. They'd ripped up a shirt to tie around his leg to slabilize the bleeding.

Everyone was quiet, but that silence was interrupted by Duncan's sudden violent coughing. Lauren ran to his side but he continued to cough, until blood poured from his mouth then he began shaking violently. Daisy and Jonathan Joined Lauren at his side to try and stop him from siezing.

"This brings back some horrible memories." Daisy says and places a hand under Duncan's head to keep him from slamming his head into the floor of the van.

"He has liquid in his lungs, turn him on his side or he'll suffocate." Jonathan instructs the girls, they do as they're told and Duncan stops siezing but foam poured from his mouth.

"I...I can find Sammy..." Duncan mumbles before blacking out completely.

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