Chapter I

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Shawn was sitting shot gun beside his brother looking out of the window with a bored expression as Justin drove his Hummer toward their destination. Shawn heard random girls shrieking at the car whenever they spotted Justin which caused Justin to make obnoxious lover boy faces. Shawn merely rolled his eyes and turned towards the window again. Justin took notice of his brother's silence and decided to mess with him a little.

"You're awfully quiet. You okay?" He used one hand to brush against Shawn's ear knowing that he was ticklish. Shawn winced and brushed his hand away, still not looking at him.

"Are you upset because of the wedgie?" Shawn blushed a little and squirmed, but refused to look at his brother, still annoyed with him.

Justin smirked and placed his finger into his mouth. He coated his finger with a decent amount of saliva before he placed it into Shawn's ear, twirling it gently making the younger boy yelp and try to get away.

Shawn rubbed furiously at his ear as Justin cackled.
Shawn glared at him while holding his ear that was contaminated with spit before he began yelling at his big brother.
"You're always messing with me! Can you stop?"
"What are you talking about?" Justin tried to play innocent by putting both of his hands on the steering wheel.
"You just gave me a wet willie!"
"You know I hate those!"
"You also hate wedgies, that doesn't mean I'll stop giving you either any time soon."
Justin replied rather amused with his brother's irate reaction. He loved messing with Shawn because his voice would get all hitched and he'd still turn red like he would when he was younger.

"You're just .. ugh!" Shawn turned back into the window, even more irritated than he was before with Justin.
"I don't know if I like your tone though, Mendes. You may be nineteen but I'll still bust your butt if I deem it necessary." Justin teased even though he was serious.

Shawn's cheeks heated up again due to embarrassment at the "spanking" part of his sentence and he bit his lip, processing his brother's words before speaking again.

"Alright, we're here." Justin pulled into a spot and Shawn was pulled out of his thoughts. They were a smaller grocery store. Justin liked shopping here because it wasn't a lot of people and the people there didn't hound him for pictures as much.

Shawn got out of the car before, slamming the door in frustration walking over to where his brother was before receiving a quick smack on his butt, causing him to yelp.

"Don't slam my door because you're upset. You hear me?" Justin looked up at Shawn with a serious expression and Shawn meekly nodded, trying to keep his backside alway from Justin's palms.

Once they made it inside of the store, Justin had a list of things they needed to pick up. He ripped it in half and gave Shawn one side. "I need you to go pick up these items for me please." Shawn took the small paper and looked over it before raising an eyebrow at the Trojans that were written on there.

"You'll need them one day too, kiddo." Justin snickered at Shawn's blushed up face at that inappropriate comment. Shawn quickly scurried away towards the aisles and began to grab different items when a cute girl stopped him in his tracks.

Shawn thought she was pretty, she had long curly black hair and she had olive skin with green eyes. She looked Persian but he couldn't tell for sure.

"Hi." She said to him, making his heart skip a little.
"H-hi." He replied back nervously, lost in her beautiful eyes.
"You're Justin Bieber's brother right? Shane is it?"
She asked excitedly which only crushed Shawn.
"Uh, n-no... it's Shawn." He corrected her politely.
"Oh close enough. I want you to give him my number. Kay?" She giggled and handed it to him before walking away.

Shawn looked at the number before balling it up and putting it in the bin not to far from him. It was annoying how any girl he liked would be more interested in his brother. He felt invisible, and hated it. He was happy for Justin, he really was but at times Justin could be distant and cold towards him which made Shawn feel low. Especially after what happened to his own family. He finished grabbing the items on the list and made his way back to Justin who was chatting it up with another hot girl, Shawn let out a sigh as he watched the two converse for a bit.

Shawn tried to get his attention, "Hey Just-"
"Not now, kid. I'm busy. So your name was Ashley?"
"Amanda." The girl corrected. Shawn rolled his eyes and crossed his arms over his chest, looking at various items in the store. 'Nice chia pet,' he thought to himself as he spotted a Justin Bieber Chia Pet.
"Right... Amanda. Tell you what, how about you, me and a nice long night?" Justin seductively winked at her 'causing her to smile back.
"Why not? Here's my number, call me." She said as she kissed his cheek walking away.

"Bye~" Justin flirtingly said, unaware that Shawn was still near him. Shawn's face looked rather irritable as his arms were in his shirt pockets. Justin poked at his arm. "You see how hot she was bro?" Looking back at her.

"Yeah I guess." Shawn said in a monotone, Justin was shaking his head. "You see you'll get more girls if you start showing more of the game." Shawn scoffed.
"I don't need to be like you to get girls,"
"Are you sure about that bro?" Justin rose an eyebrow, quite amused.
"I'm doing just fine."
"I'm sure. Chicks really are attracted to spider man briefs." Justin snickered seeing Shawn instantly turn a couple shades of red. Shawn was having enough of the conversation.

"I thought we were supposed to be hanging out today." Shawn questioned his brother, he didn't seem to care about how Shawn was feeling at all which bothered him to a great extent.
"We are. We are at the store together now, aren't we? So it looks as though I am spending time with you." Justin retorted, pushing the cart toward the milk aisle grabbing a gallon of chocolate milk. (Shawn's favorite.)

"That's not the point. You've been getting numbers the entire time, barely paying me any attention unless you're picking on me." Shawn was getting close to tears but decided to blink them away because he believed all Justin would do is make fun of him for crying like he usually does.
"You sound jealous."
"I'm not jealous," Shawn mumbled, Justin smirked.
"You completely are, kiddo."
"You know what-" Shawn was about to snap on his brother but changed his mind, "never mind." he replied, looking away. He was tired of being pushed around constantly and invisible. It was beginning to mess with his emotions.

Justin could see that Shawn getting more and more frustrated. He didn't want to push him too far and then have to spank him. It wouldn't be fair so he grabbed his arm, pulling him close. "Look. We are going to hang out today, I got a little sidetracked but I promise that I'll pay more attention to you and not just your undies. Okay?" Justin gave him a teasing smile before poking him in his stomach.

Shawn winced before backing up, holding his stomach. "Alright." He replied rather sheepishly. Making sure that Justin was no where near his backside as they headed toward the checkout.

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