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princess pov

i was at the little princesses and babygirl auction. it was my first one ever. i was completely scared and afraid.

what if i get a meanie daddy? what if he beats me and calls me names like my real dad does?

i talked to some of the older girls that had done this before and they told me the ugliest and the stupidest girl doesn't get a daddy.

i looked around and realized that all the other girls were way prettier than me. they all had makeup on and their nails all nice along with their hair.

what if i don't get a daddy? what will i do? i had no place to go. my dad and i got into a fight last night and he beat me and called me names. i packed as much as i could into my suite case and left.

i wondered the streets until i found this auction thingy, i entered, filled out the questions and here i am now.

a man came in the back and told us to get in a line tallest to shortest and to come on stage when our name was called. i was in the back since i was only 4'9. i hated being small.

i stood in line. i was such a shorty that the girl in front of me had her booty in my face. yuck. as i saw each girl walk out i realized i wasn't dress pretty like them.

last night i left the house in my jammies and still had them on. the rest of them were wearing short dresses and skirts with little tails. some wore small one pieces that showed their boobies. i even peaked and saw that some didn't have panties on.

uh oh.

me on the other hand was wearing an over sized purple dinosaur onesie with matching claw slippers as shoes. i waited in line for what felt like forever. i held onto my pink unicorn named fluffy.

once the girl in front of me's booty was out of my face. i began to shake. i was next. i held tight onto fluffy. the girl walked back off stage and it was my turn.

the announcer spoke, "last but not least the shortest of the bunch, rowan gentry!", i slowly walked on stage and stood there. i looked up and the bright lights hurt my eyes.

a nice lady in the crowd told me to continue walking on the stage. i started walking. i pulled up my hood so the could all see my dino ears and horns.

nobody in the crowd cheered, the room was silent. i walked half way up the stage to the pink x and stopped.

"she likes to be call princess. her favorite animal is unicorns, dinos, cats, dogs...uh...chickens, goats...basically all animals in the world. her favorite food is chicky nuggets and frenchy fries. she like cuddles and smooches. she dislikes meanie people and brussel sprouts. she is willing to be sexual active with you. and she is a virgin. give it up for rowan!", the announcer speaks.

i take a few steps forward but slips and fall on my slippers. i slam my face into the stage, front and center for everyone to see. my face flashes red and tears stream from my eyes. the nice lady tells me to stand up.

i try standing but to only fall back down again. i start crying even more. tears falling rapidly down my face. i finally stood up again without falling.

i had lost my stuffie. fluffy had fallen off stage when i fell. i ran off stage almost slipping twice. i ran into a corner and cried. none of the girls came to check on me. they all just fixed themselves up for the final bidding.

i didn't even want to do this anymore. i kinda wanted to go back to my dad. even if that meant getting beaten. i hated been embarrassed and i was such a cry baby.

about 10 minutes later they called us all out onto the stage in a row, tallest to shortest. i was on the far end almost falling of stage. all the girls went up and were bidded on and left the stage with their new daddy's.

i was the only one left on stage i walked up, carefully with my head down. i had a feeling nobody would want me. i started to tear up.
today was so far the worst day ever. i'd lost my stuffie in a crowd, i fell on stage in front of everyone, i got kicked out of my house and i wasn't gonna get a daddy.

the bidding started, "do i hear $100?", some nice guy raised his sign up with a pity look. "$500?", a meanie lady rose hers.

my heart dropped, i didn't want her.

"$500? going once, going twice-!"
"$10,000!", some man i couldn't see raised his paddle.
"$10,000? going once, going twice? sold!"

i had just got a new daddy. some man pushed me off the stage and into the crowd. i didn't know where to go. all i saw were tall people. i tried pushing and shoving but it was no use.

i fell to my butt and started to cry. all of a sudden a figure stood above me. i looked up slowly to see and super tall man holding fluffy. i stood up quickly and snatched fluffy from him. i hugged my stuffie to death.
"ah, ah, ah! what do you say?"
"thank you", i mumble.
"thank you, what?"
"thank you,....daddy?", i smile.
"that's right princess", he picks me up.
"wait! so you're my dada?!", i dance in his arms.
"yes princess, i am", he began to walk me back stage.

i got my barbie suite case and he helps me into his pretty car. he straps me into the car seat and gets in the front.
"wowie daddy, this is such a nicey and pretty car!", i yell.
"shhh, princess. inside voices", i nod my head and we take off to his house.

i kick my feet and laugh the whole way home.


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