Show-off Pt. 1

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Unfortunately, I'm cancelling requests as of now. I'll be going back to school soon, and I'll be suuuper busy. I hope that you guys liked this, though!
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When this takes place: About a year before The Hobbit

As you scurried along the halls, you finished up the last braid in your (h/c) hair. You looked repeatedly to the left and the right. Although you had lived for 1700 years in Mirkwood, you still sometimes got lost in the kings halls. You heard a few elven voices in the distance, and briskly walked towards them.

Once you reached the group of elves, you realized just how nervous you were. Today was your first day on duty as a member of the guard. Awkwardly, you stayed on the outskirts of the group as you became absorbed in your thoughts. What will I do today? Patrol? Hunt?

The chattering of the elves was abruptly cut short. Alarmed, you looked around. All of the elves started nodding-some even bowed. You just continued to look around because you were confused.

Abruptly, you made eye contact with the only other elf who wasn't bowing. The elf's icy eyes locked with yours. Your breath hitched in your throat. Shoot, it's Prince Legolas. You had hardly ever seen the respectable princeling. During the few times that you had seen him, he didn't even seem to notice you. The elves in the crowd started to whisper with each other while giving you distasteful glances.

You started to open your mouth yo release a slough of apologies, but Legolas gently shook his hand and briskly waves his hand. You clenched your mouth shut and hurriedly looked away as your face turned red. You could've sworn that a tiny smirk appeared on his face.

Legolas turned to the gathering of elves, "Greetings, everyone. It's time to schedule your duties for today..." Legolas started to assign each and every elf assignments for the day. As he did this, you started to space out. This first day has started out horribly. I hope that he doesn't give me a bothersome job... You frowned and scuffled your leather, elvish boots on the ground.

I'm the background you heard the light, airy laughing of elves. A regal yet masculine voice awakened you from your cloud of inner thoughts.

"Hello? Are you there?!" You jolted and refrained from gasping. The Prince was right in front of you! You couldn't tell by his expression if he was annoyed by you, or if he pitied you.

"Valar, I'm so sorry! I should've been paying attention," you began to give a deep how, but you sprung up as you heard a deep chuckle. Your heart uncontrollably fluttered as you saw the Prince flash a small smile while looking down at you. Your throat went dry. I must admit, he is quite attractive... But there are so many other she-elves...

"Do not worry, for there is a way that you can repay me."


Legolas slyly grinned and turned towards the crowd of elves, "My Father wishes that I journey to Lothlorien to deliver a message," Legolas turned to you, "but I am sure that he wouldn't mind if I had someone to accompany me." Unable to contain yourself, you gave a shrill gasp of surprise. The elves around you erupted in laughter. I can't do this... this is only my first day as a member of the guard! I need to tell him.


"Arandur!" Legolas called for a servant and gestured to you before you could protest. "Pack her bags," he gave you a warm smile that made your skin tingle before continuing, "and make sure that you give her our finest armor and garments." Bashfully, you ran your hands through your (h/c) hair. You were but a lowly Silvan elf.

The elf servant hesitated, "B-But my Lord, she's..."

Legolas' expression became stone-cold, "Are you questioning my orders?"

The servant quickly straightened up, "No, Prince Legolas," he said and then bowed his head, "You will not be disappointed!" Arandur scampered off.

Legolas turned on his heel and walked towards the door that led out of the kingdom, "Come. We have a message to deliver."

You gathered your emotions up as you walked beside him. I need to tell him that I'm unworthy for this quest.

"Legolas, I cant go with you!" You blurted out. The dark eyebrow of the prince raised. You bit your lip as you looked into his eyes. He seemed shocked... But there was another emotion in his eyes. Was it disappointment?

"I... I am sorry. I suppose that I was a bit blunt. I didn't even get your name!" Legolas frowned down at his feet and muttered something that failed to reach your ears, "I just really wanted to spend time with you..."

"No, no, it's not like that! I would love to go out-er I mean- go on the mission with you!" Legolas whipped his head up and raised his eyebrows. Is he blushing? If he was, he was doing a good job hiding it. He cleared his throat and shuffled his feet. You explained, "Legolas, I cant go with you because this is only my first day as a member of the guard... And I'm just a lowly Silvan elf! I am unworthy!"

Legolas beamed and gave you a huge grin. You had never seen the Prince smile this way with anyone- much less a she-elf.

"Nonsense! I have chosen you and that is all that matters." He gestured got you to continue walking. Shyly you nodded and started to walk beside you. You noticed that he slyly scooted closer to you as you walked so his broad shoulders gently brushed against yours. Legolas continued to speak, "Besides," he looked at you up and down and gave a flirtatious wink, "I think that I have made an excellent choice for a traveling companion." Your face instantly flushed red before you gave a sheepish yet sly smile. I never knew that the Prince of Mirkwood was a flirt.

"Do you say this to every she-elf that you cross paths with, Prince Legolas?" you sassily asked. I might as well have an idea of what I'm getting into. Legolas emitted a deep chuckle.

"No," he responded and then looked up at you. His expression was serious and true, "But you have truly caught my eye, Miss..."

"Y/N. Miss Y/N," breathlessly, you responded. You hadn't expected to say anything like this.

"Y/N," your name rolled off his tongue like a rushing water over stones, "What a beautiful name..." he breathed and gave you a warm smile.

You finally approached the gate. The servants handed both of you your bags.

"I cant believe that this is happening!" you exclaimed, but then nervously confided in Legolas, "I'm a bit worried." Legolas stepped closer to you and faced you. You were only a few mere inches apart. A few elves in the background started to whisper, but you couldn't hear them over the pounding of your own heart. Legolas smiles and placed his firm hands in your delicate grasp.

"Don't worry," he whispered. His warm breath was as refreshing as the embrace of the sun's rays on a chilly day. "I will protect you."


That was wayyy longer than I thought. Part 2 should be coming soon. I hope that everyone liked it. I know that I did 👀. Please comment and vote!

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