Dance of Death

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   You continued to walk down the path, looking around for anything you could bring back as a gift for your dad. Soon, you came across this face that was carved into the wall.

"Hmmmm..." You thought about all the secret passageways you've seen as your were growing. "Maybe if I just..." You said under your breath. You reached out and grabbed the eyes, turning them. Right after that, the wall opened up!

Smiling, you entered the new room, nearly falling to your death as you quickly noticed that you had to jump on to a fallen column. Luckily you made the jump, and now you were making your way to what might be the center of the room. You could feel it now, you would find something great, you just knew it. But what am I going to find?" You thought, continuing to walk forward.

You approached what looked like a beach, and you smirked. "I knew wearing a wetsuit was a good idea." Slowly, you took off your trench coat. Then you dropped it to the sandy ground. You quickly took off your shoes as well, before you walked into the water and swam into the cave.

Eventually you reached another area that had stairs going into the water, so you walked up the stairs. Your gaze, after looking around a little, landed on a rather large hand statue. A literal hand statue, and it looked like it was holding something in between its index finger and thumb. "That must be what I'm looking for." Your mouth opened in awe, before you smiled as you got closer. Your attention focused on forgot all about booby traps that could be here.

You stepped on a slab of stone that turned out to be a pressure plate. A wall opened up and an axe shot out of it. You noticed it right after it was flying towards you. You squeezed your eyes shut, even though it wouldn't protect you from the pain, preparing to feel waves of immense pain. But the pain never came.

You opened one eye cautiously, before opening up both fully. You could see someone standing next to you, so you turned to look at them.

" saved my life." You said, looking up at the man who just saved you. You were pretty shocked to know that the Count Dracula just saved you, a mere human.

"Of course!" The Count said,  smiling. "Why wouldn't I?" He asked, looking right into your eyes. You were never to fond of eye contact, in fact when you were a kid you didn't want to give eye contact with anyone except for your family and really close friends, like Avril. It took you to reach 16 for you to give anybody else eye contact. But before that, you and some close friends started this joke called "S.I.C" Class, which stands for "Social Interactions Class".

 "I just thought that you didn't like humans, and that you would never save a human." You answered honestly.

"Humans, monsters, what's the difference?" He asked

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"Humans, monsters, what's the difference?" He asked. "Yeah,, sometimes there are a lot of differences." You tried to laugh a little, but it didn't sound quite right to you. But Drac smiled and actually gave a small chuckle at your failed joke. 

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