Chapter 7: Ghoul Meal

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"Do you still care about him?" 14 year old Jeongin asked his father who's sitting beside him, talking about his other family.

"I don't."

Jeongin pulled off a roguish smirk and said, "Don't lie."

His father sighed, shutting his eyes in process and turned so that his body is partially facing his son. He placed his hand on the teenager's shoulder and made eye contact, looking even more serious all of a sudden and at the same time, sympathetic.

"Son, I left them because I love your mother and you more. I don't regret cheating on my previous wife and I never will since the product is you!"

Jeongin scoffed and slapped away his father's hand. "Do not avoid the question. Do you love him? Do you love your first son?"

His father sighed and stared at the ground, clasping his hands together. "Sons, actually."

"So you left two sons for one? What kind of father are you?!"

"They have their mother with them!"

"And you think she'll be able to handle them alone? My mother was barely able to raise me! Think about one dealing with two!"

"Son," The man started softly, facing the boy once again. "What matters is I'm here now, right?"

"No. Prove to me that your worthy of being a father."


I did my very best to avoid Hyunjin's ghoul to the point that I haven't seen him yet this whole morning. I hid myself in the training room which only Minho knows. He already left before the sun could captivate our part of the world.

It's embarrassing. He actually waited until I wake up to "protect" me. Why was he being so nice?

Jeongin and I agreed to meet at around 4 pm outside this house where we can't be seen. I don't know if the boys would mean him no harm. He caused my death after all– wait. It's my fault. I started all of this.

I fucking started all of this.

Again, what happened has happened so I should stop this.

To somewhat distract myself, I stared at the clock hanging on the wall. An hour left and I'll have to get out of here.

I shouldn't have lived my human life too boring. I should have saved money for a phone, learned about songs like Kpop, played around and actually talked to people. Yet again, I should stop thinking about things like this and focus on the present.  I'm just hurting myself more if through this.


I can't wait to tell Jinwoo noona the news! I have already asked my father and he confirmed that he's able to read Greek. He also told me that he'll wait for her, he'd leave the house later than usual.

I challenged my father a lot. I still am not completely close with him but I can see him as my father now. We went through a lot in the past but I didn't want to be stuck. I had to forgive him for cheating on his first wife and for leaving me and my mom.

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