Ch.1 Candy

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It's morning, and Atsushi, Kyouka and I were in the office early. I was currently sitting at my desk while Kyouka sits at Atsushi's. She was staring into space.


She looks at me.

"Want some?"

I show her the small bag of candy in my hand.


She eyes the candy intensely.

"...You can say yes, you know."

"...Yes, please."

I smile as I give her the bag. She looks at it, then at me. I smile at her.

"You can have it."

"...Thank you."

The sound of a door closing catches both of our attentions. We watch as Atsushi approaches us with an envelope in one hand, and a, unreasonably, large taser in the other.

"Sorry to keep you two waiting. I got you a case, Kyouka-chan."

He holds the taser out to her.

"Before that, though, here's a taser."

Kyouka takes the weapon and stares at it.

"The Port Mafia's after you, too. We wanted you to have it for self defense. Well, I don't think you'll be in any danger this time, though."

"...What kind of job is it?" she asks.

"You have to deliver this envelope with evidence to a judge in court."

Atsushi digs out a photo of the judge from his pocket and shows it to her.

"This is the judge."

Kyouka studies the photo.

"Got it. I've memorized his face."

"You're really into this." Atsushi replies while putting the photo away. "Is it because it'll be your first job?"

"No... My first job was to infiltrate a building and kill two people."

"My first job was tracking a ghost." I speak out loud as I stare at the ceiling.

The two look at me relaxing in my chair.

"What are you talking about?" my twin questions me.

"I don't know. I found those candies in Dazai-san's desk and now I'm hearing colors. Who knew the color red was so sad."

"Y-You're hearing colors?"

"Yeah... I'm also having a staring contest with the ceiling... I'm going to win."

Atsushi blinks a few times before taking the candy from Kyouka.

"If these are anything like the mushroom incident, it's better if you don't take these."

"Wait. I'm going to die...? ...Sweet~."

"...How many did you take?"

"...Like...two? Maybe three... I don't remember..."

I look at my twin with an intense gaze.

"Cool~! Atsushi...when did you have three eyes? I want three eyes."


"I'll do my best." Kyouka speaks up with determinization in her eyes.

Atsushi smiles at her.

"Okay. Let's go then."

"Bye, you two~." I wave. "I'll make sure the chairs don't take over the office. Once they have this office, they'll have the world. I'll save the world... I'm batman..."

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