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As Irene entered Hoseok's cafe, it was so crowded and the smells of caffeine inserted her nostrils. Since Hoseok is the manager here he's probably has been too busy lately.

She took a seat beside the huge glass window in the cafe. While watching people passing by the cafe, she took a sip of the coffee that she ordered minutes ago.

She scrolled through her phone, reading the news on that day. By seconds she got startled by a sudden call from Jungkook.


"Noona! Where are you?"

"Hoseok's cafe. Why?"

"Help me, Noona!"

"What-w-why, Jungkook? Is something bad happened?"

"Definitely, yes! A math problem. I stuck on the same question since past 20 minutes. I already asked Jimin-hyung but he told me that he even scored 4 on his previous test."

"Yah-you little—ugh I almost got a heart attack. Send me the question, I will try to solve it."

"Great! Thank you, noona. Bye-bye!"

She hang up, just a second before Hoseok popped out of nowhere. He took a sit opposite to Irene. "My regular customer!" he said jokingly.

Irene chuckled, "I thought you are busy."

"Was busy. In past tense." he emphasized the words. "How was your day?"

She furrowed her brows in confusion, "Hm?-yea, probably good."

He smiled, revealing his little dimple. "Joohyun-ah, I, have been wanting to ask you this and I think this is the time—"

"About what?" she interrupted right away.

He cleared his throat silently, "The day at my house. I accidentally heard your conversation with Jimin about someone. Not to be busybody but you look so sad though talking about that person."

She met her gaze with Hoseok's who was indeed desperately wanted to know about that person. Even though he didn't say it but his facial expression did.

"Why so sudden?" she asked.

Hoseok shrugged, "Just, a little bit curious."

She inhaled, "His name is Kim Taehyung. We've known each other almost for a month. Back then he's gone and he didn't tell me where. Maybe that's why I looked pathetic. Thank God he did call me today. He said he's in Daegu, looking after his grandmother."

"Kim Taehyung..Daegu..." Hoseok mumbled and seems clueless when he heard those name.

"Is anything wrong, Hoseok?"

He rubbed his back of neck, more to massage it, "Nothing, but—that Taehyung dude, sounds familiar for me. How he looks like? Mind if I know?"

"Yea- he's tall, cold person, always wore black hoodie, black mask, black cap and to make it short, he's all-in-black guy." she described in detail, exactly what Taehyung looks like for her.

Hoseok who seems lost, bited his nail before he let out his phone, showing a photo to Irene.

"Is this that Kim Taehyung dude you just mentioned?"

"Is this that Kim Taehyung dude you just mentioned?"

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"Holy moly shit."

"I considered it as yes."

"Jung fucking Hoseok! How the hell do you know him? Are you guys friends? Is his favourite colour is black? Even in this photo he's in black." she pointed to the black shirt of Taehyung's.

Hoseok nodded lightly. "Black is nice though. It suits his personality."


"Um- how about his family? Does he has siblings?" she asked out of sudden.

"Yeah, he has an elder brother but he's dead. His father was so drunk that he accidentally stabbed him on stomach when he's only five years old. Taehyung was traumatic since then and started to hate his father. That's why he barely talk to people. He's scared that people will do the same to him."

Irene remained silent. She couldn't say a word. It's so tragic and it must be hurtful for him.

"How about his mother?" she asked again in serious tone.

"She's fine but she always got abused by his husband for saying that he cheated on her. They almost got divorced but cancelled it to maintain their company's profits. Sometimes Taehyung got very stressful that he kept run away from home and almost committed suicide."

Irene kept his eyes to every words Hoseok said. Unconsciously, tears streaming down her cheeks. She didn't know that Taehyung was in so much pain back then until now. He's so strong. She lowered her head and wiped her tears so that Hoseok wouldn't know she cried.

"I want his address. He said he will be in Seoul today. I want to meet him."

Hoseok hesitated at first but gave her his address afterwards.


In front of the fence, she looked again and again to the house. Hopefully she didn't get it wrong and making sure it's really Taehyung's house.

She moved forward to the entrance. As she was about to knock the door, she heard a loud bicker inside the house. An old man's voice and a familiar voice, Kim Taehyung.

"She's fucking have been in the hospital after all times and you dared to just ignored the calls from villagers and continued with your shits? And you want to know more tragic part? She have only few weeks before she dead motherfucker. My grandmother don't deserves ungrateful son and daughter-in-law like y'all!"

She was snapped back when Taehyung was saying it out loud. She stepped backwards slowly until the door suddenly opened, revealing a tall figure in front of her.


Without hesitating, she dragged him away until they stopped, she turned to face Taehyung.

"Is this why you keep running away from me?"

Taehyung looked deeply into her eyes, "I never said I'm running away from you. I just need space. You already saw that, my life is completely ruined." he said in low voice. "—But how do you know my house?"

"Hoseok told me everything about you and yes- I know him. We both are friends. I just know you guys are friends too."

He continued facing the ground as she's done explaining.

"Kim Taehyung." she called him softly, making the other man impatiently waited for the next words she will say.

"Can you please don't leave again?"

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