" Babygirl when you get on the bed as I said it will stop, " he says a happy tone to his voice she knows he is loving this way too much.  She climbs slowly onto the bed. Her legs weak as she lays on her back " I said stomach " Kenneth says tone sounding a little gritty " please I want to see your face daddddyyyy " Nicole pleads as she huffs. Her face is hot as the strong waves of pleasure flood throughout her. The vibrator switching into new random patters making sure she can't get used to it. But now she feels close to the tipping point. She enjoys it a couple more seconds and she will feel the mind-blowing orgasm she desperately wants. She moans and bites her lip mind empty gripping the covers tightly. she smiles eyes rolling into the back of her head and then it stops. " Daddy didn't say you could cum, " Kenneth says voice sounding cold as he walks toward her with a smile on his face. "You can lay on your back though, " he says mischief lurking behind his dark brown eyes. 

Picking up the rope from the floor he turns to her. Grabbing her wrists softly ties one end of the rope to her then the bed frame leaving very little slack. He then does the same to her other wrist then her ankles. Backing away he looks at her satisfied. She gives him a very horny look gazing at him biting her lip and stares at the erection in his pants. It pushes up against his pants and underwear. It's not massively scary but very impressive thick and long warm as it lays in your hand and leaves you wanting more after being inside you. He turns toward a small table grabbing some tape and 2 more vibrators. He then tapes them to her nipples. Then he grabs the remotes switching them on and off at random different speeds and settings too." oh fuck daddy I need you not toys " babygirl says through whimpers as she arches her back in pleasure. More vibrations hitting her at once as he turns two. Hitting her like waves. Coming from all directions crashing into each other creating a whole new sensation. Making her go nuts as she drools a little at the overwhelming feeling as her pussy becomes even wetter.

He sits next to her on the bed as she moans in pleasure. Placing his hand on her cheek softly. He gazes into her eyes seeing them plead for him. leaning down slowly he places his lips upon hers. At that moment he turns every vibrator on the highest setting. She wriggles at the sudden sensations flooding her body in a violent rush. Making her mind blank out as the orgasm rises. Her eyes roll into the back of her head. She arcs her back like as if she was hit with a lightning bolt and her body doesn't know how to react. So she loses her thoughts and cums so hard her legs go numb and the kiss seems to top it off. If the lightning bolt is the feeling he is the bright light that makes you close your eyes. Too powerful to stare at head-on. As she quivers and drools fighting the ropes to grab her daddy. Desperately needing his touch.

He leans back smiling looking at his beautiful girl. The bed is wet with her juices as they drip off her leg onto the bed. A dark spot slowly forming below her quivering pussy and legs. She breaths heavily. Her whole body on the edge still. The vibrators still going even though she is so sensitive. He turns them off so she can focus.  "Daddy can you please... " Nicole says still breathing heavily as her voice trails off. " You have to earn it babygirl and you have been fighting me all day. But today daddy is just gonna play with you over and over unless he changes his mind " daddy says as she turns her head to him. " daddy I'll do anything please I need you to you know ...." she says trailing off again.

" You can't even say it what happened to all your fight hmmm? " he says smiling smugly. He stands up and grabbing another toy. "Daddy please it's embarrassing, " she says her face red. She wants to hide behind her hair. While in her mind she screams for him to fuck her like an animal in heat. To flip her over pin her to the bed and fuck her pussy till he cums over and over inside her. Wanting him to call her his whore and his slut anything. Just if it means she is his. She would do anything for her daddy no matter how perverted. She wanted him so bad he could fuck her in the middle of her job in front of her friends and family. Fuck even the president just to have him inside her. To be connected as one. She didn't care where it was as long as she had him close to her and it was killing her that he made her cum with toys. He knows she wants to only cum on his dick.

He grabs a long skinny vibrator " is your pussy sensitive still " he says as he plays with the vibrator in his hands. "Yes daddy, "she says quietly wanting to shy away. He turns on the toy and slides it against her clit. then raises his hand flicking his thumb turning the one on inside her on low. The mixing vibrations make her legs even weaker. How? It's beyond her comprehension after cumming that hard just not long ago. The mixing of vibrations so close that they clash making her even more anxious for her daddy. " Please daddy anything I need you , please, " she says pouting and whimpering trying to make him feel bad. " Oh, babygirl, " he says in a mockery tone. She blushes uncontrollably and feels the orgasm rise again as he turns on the nipple vibrators. He knows her weak point is that word making her wet just when the words slip from his mouth.

" If you say it daddy will let you go, " he says as she fights against the rope this time cumming is even more overwhelming. Her sensitive body on fire. She moans loud and shaky her eyes fluttering. Making silent screams. " Fuck daddy omg I can't I need to...." she says fast and shaky. As her face goes blank with pleasure her mouth hanging open. Her face is even redder like she just ran a marathon. As she comes back from the brink of pleasure she catches her breath. Her body shaky feeling weak she realizes. Cumming like that one more time and she will lose all sense of control over her mind. The rest of the night will be her moaning and cumming fighting the ropes till she falls asleep in a haze of ecstasy and orgasms her daddy above her grinning. She needs to focus to get her daddies dick. But she doesn't want to submit just yet. But she knows that's the only way out. It never goes her way and she hates that but loves it at the same time.

"Fine daddy," she says a little mad. "I'm done fighting I'm yours and only your to use to cum in to fuck like a good little slut and to feel pleasure only from daddies dick," she says. He smiles that way that she loves. Daddy is going to show his true colors now only when she is desperate for him and truly obedient does he show them. He starts to remove his clothing. Exposing his skin his lean muscular build with little scars here and there. That v line pointing straight to her favorite place in the world. She bites her lip in anticipation. He leaves his pants on he places his shirt on a nearby chair. She wish he would remove these ropes so she could tear off those pants and underwear. He climbs on the bed. Right over her, she can feel the heat of his skin above hers. The sexual tension thick in the air she can't even rub her body to his despite how close they are. She wants him so bad and he is so close. He kisses her softly. She wants to hold him so bad. Feel along his body scratch and leave marks. Daddy loves when she leaves marks on his back like a pride of how much pleasure he gives her. Yet she can't do it and it drives her mad.

As he kisses her slowly on the lips their tongues dancing. He then kisses on her cheek. Then her neck, her collar bone, in between her breast, under them, and continues across her belly give it a little lick as he goes lower. Finally, he stops above the clit. She is soaking and that kissing has driven her nuts she needs more " daddy please " she moans softly breath heavy " tell daddy what you are " he says a smile dances upon his lips. she is so far gone she cares nothing of pride she needs her daddy desperately and she has no fight left. " I'm Kenneth's cum slut to be used whenever he wishes to take all his cum happily and enjoy all of it, " she says and as soon as she finishes she feels his tongue enter her pussy is so fast she doesn't register it. But her body reacts weird, Te different sensation fro the vibrators and she is still o sensitive. The sensation is like someone threw gasoline on her nerves while they are on fire. She feels the sense of fire getting hotter she tries so hard to break the ropes. The pleasure is pushing her too far she wants to grab her daddy so badly it's not long before she is brought to another orgasm she squeezes his head between her thighs as his tongue moves faster and his fingers play with her clit teasing. e greedily laps up her juices as they flow out.

Now there are no thoughts no games she is truly his slut. Lust fills her eyes. The urge for her daddy and his dick are even stronger than before. She didn't care if she had to clean his shoes with her tongue to just get a taste of his dick. All rational is gone she is full on submissive as he unties the rope and she quickly sits up waiting for her daddies orders. "it o babygirl take a taste" he says sitting back.  She quickly leans down to his dick she desperately needs a taste. The feeling of his thickness filling her mouth. Warm and so hard she can feel his heartbeat inside her mouth as she takes it deeper sliding down it her throat.

She gags a little taking it to his balls playing with the underneath of his dick on her tongue softly. Rubbing it before backing off to take a breath. She goes back for more bobbing her head more on him getting it nice and wet. " You know you want to ride daddy get on babygirl you have permission, " he says. 

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