The brat

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Long legs meeting a firm round butt to a thin toned stomach and curvy breast past the elegant neck and a beautiful face draped with long silky black hair and stunning eyes to finish it off.

She knows what she has and she enjoys teasing everyone with it.

But not him he didn't fall for her like that and she hated him for it because she fell for him.

That's why she sits upon his bed listening to his words as he talks to her losing her mind in the clouds. Lust filling her as she sticks her hand in her pants and plays with her breast.

He turns around grabbing her arms " daddy told you no baby girl " he says as she responds back quickly "I'm horny and your being a tease so I'm to play with myself" he back away smile on his face "now you are breaking the rules and that means you get punished babygirl". she knows what this means to be teased as he makes her slowly lose her mind but never giving her what she truly wants. 

He walks out moments later rope in hand " strip " he says she looks at him defiant " no I don't want to Kenneth" she says  " I told you Nicole it's daddy now say it" Kenneth says voice sounding forceful. " say what " Nicole says pressing her finger on her cheek acting dumb. "so you want to play with me babygirl" He says with a grin upon his face. He reaches into his pocket pulling out a small remote. With a flick of his thumb, it's on high suddenly there is a strong sense of pleasure from her pussy. She forgot about that damn toy. He makes her wear it everywhere and at random she will feel that strong sensation flow from below her waist. The erratic motions mixed with deep steady ones makes her knees weak her head foggy as ecstasy floods her body at an alarming rate. " daddy please stop it's too much I can't handle it " she says in between breaths as she bends over. Her pussy dripping juice soaking her panties. " oh fuck that's too much " Nicole says a little out of breath as she leans to the side gripping the bed frame. "get up and it will stop" Kenneth say. She gets up at his command and the vibrator stops moving her  head clear once again

  "Turn around, " Kenneth says. She does as he wants and he slaps her ass hard she bites her lip hard. The pleasure of a small explosion of euphoria fills her body.T he pain feels so nice she loves when daddy smacks her ass. " Now strip that is not a question it is an order," he says she turns around smiling " ok, " she says smile broad on her face as she bites her lip more gazing at her daddy naughty thoughts filling her head. " I didn't hear it, " he says putting his hand on his ear as he turns the toy on high again. She almost falls from the sudden burst of energy teasing her Pussy. " yes daddy " she says halfway through a moan. Her face red and she feels her face melting from the crazy movements between her legs. he turns it off " that's my good babygirl, " Kenneth says.

She removes her clothes taking it off slowly. Making sure to emphasize her curves to provoke and play with him. Fully well knowing it never works on her daddy. He is strong-willed and patience despite how hard his dick is.  He never lets her play with it till he says so. She has tried every day since she met him. When she thought he was falling for her it was her falling for him. He just walked past her. He didn't need or care for her attention and she dislike this. It made her need him so bad. That it made her heart ache and her pussy wet. Then one day he swooped in and made her his and she fell so easily to him. But he wasn't mean or aggressive. He didn't just want to fuck her like every other guy. He wanted to make her feel good. To build her up and make her whole and treat her properly while at the same time sexually satisfying them both. Bring her that mind numbing orgasm that shatters her world. She loved him for it cause he cared about her during their sexual activities and outside of them too. But he never needed to say the words. He conveyed them through every action he was sweet to her without utter words. That's what made her daddy so special.

All this passes through her head as she is naked standing before him. Looking her in the eyes in that way that just turns her on, even more, he says " now lay on the bed on your belly and make an X with your body. "Nope," Nicolas says spinning on her heel looking away grin on her face knowing daddy dislikes this. " Bad girls don't get to eat daddies cum plus, " Kenneth says gleefully as he raises his hand. Flicking his thumb once again. She leans over the bed digging her nails into the sheets. Her juices flow down her leg this time he put it on multi-setting. It quickly switches through vibrations making it harder for her to think past the pleasure in her pussy" please daddy turn it off " Nicole says in a heated state drooling a little. The vibrations random no set rhythm just pure beautiful chaos causing her so much ecstasy.  

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