Chapter 7- Alfie

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He hung up. Zoe and I ran to the car and I started it. We drove out of the city and the ten minute drive to the hospital seemed to take forever. I glanced at Zoe. She had tears steening down her face and she was shaking.

"Niomi?" she whispered,"What if he's not okay? What if he's...if he's..." She burst into tears.

I stopped at a red light and then reached over and hugged her very hard.

"Zoe," I said, looking at her straight in the face,"Alfie is going to be okay. I promise," I said.

She smiled weakly at me.

"Thank you Niomi," she said.

When we arrived out of the hospital, we ran to the reception and asked for Alfie Deyes. The lady asked a nurse to bring us to him and then she smiled at us. The nurse brought us to a room and opened the door.

I nearly vomited.

Alfie was lying on a bed. His eyes were closed. He had bandages on his head, arms and around his torso. He had a huge cast on his leg and his face was covered in purple bruises. Marcus sat beside him crying.

"ALFIE!!!" Zoe screamed and ra to him. She sobbed beside him, and I hugged her. Marcus stood up and wiped his tears away. I embraced him and I felt him shaking.

"Marcus, Zoe, I can't....even...begin to.." I started, a lump forming in my throat. I wasn't as close to Alfie as Zoe and Marcus were, but he was like a brother to me. "What happened?" I asked.

"He was walking out of the store with his Penney board and I was following him and...he didn't see the truck...and I could have stopped him....I was so stupid Nims, I could have saved him if I hadn't been on my phone!!" Marcus cried and he pulled his hair in frustration. He started crying again. I hugged him tightly.

"Marcus listen to me. This is not your fault okay? It was an accident and it was nobody's fault alright?" He nodded.

A doctor walked into the room, followed by two nurses. He checked Alfie's blood pressure and his heart beat and then he turned to us.

"Alfie is in a bad condition but its nothing we can't fix. He is still unconscious but he hasn't damaged any of his organs. He has fractured arms and a broken leg but he will recover," he said.

Zoe looked at him. "Thank you," she said," For all you're doing for him," he smiled at her.

"That's what I'm here for. Now if you don't mind, Alfie needs some rest. You can visit him tomorrow. Is that okay?" He asked. We all nodded and Zoe stood up. She kissed Alfie on his forehead and then walked out. We followed her.


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