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"I-I can't do it,"Taehyung choked out, trying to breathe in as deeply as he possibly could ,"C-Can't."

Jeongguk patted his back with worry,"You can , Tae, I believe you can."

Taehyung looked back into the toilet mirror through teary eyes,"I-I'm - I'm scared."

"God,Tae."Jeongguk furrowed his brows,"You're making me worry, for god's sake.Just go out there and give your speech.You'll be fine,Taehyung,I swear."He grabbed a sheet of tissue and wiped the other's wet cheek.

Taehyung looked down in embarrassment ,"I-I'm sorry.I- I thought I could, I really did, Ggukie!I practiced and - and I.. I'm so scared, shit."

Jeongguk stroked the shorter's hair,"Hey.. Don't be sorry,baby.It's fine,you're fine."

"It isn't every day a adorable guy gets first in the whole school,you know."Jeongguk chuckled dryly at his weak attempt at making a joke and Taehyung just breathes out a tiny "heh".

"Hey,"Jeongguk lifted up Taehyung's face by his chin gently,"Hey,look at me,princess. You'll be okay,Tae.I believe in you."

The shorter sniffled,"Wh-What if I make a m-mistake ? Oh god, I-I ran off the stage and now-now I have to go back , what if they laugh at m-me ?"Tears rushed back to his eyes as he began sobbing again.

"T-Tae.Calm down,please."Jeongguk whispered,"Hey,look,I love you,and you cab do it,okay?Just imagine there's no one there, imagine..they're all.. me!"

Taehyung managed to let out a giggle ,as he sniffed and wiped his eyed with his obviously oversized pastel purple sweater. "J-Jerk."

Jeongguk smiled at the pouting boy,"I'm your jerk,you big baby.Now let's get you out there,okay?I believe in you , as I said."

Taehyung nodded slowly and he washed his face before coughing."I-I'm scared."

"It'll all be over in a few minutes."Jeongguk pecked Taehyung's lips gently.

Jeongguk clasped Taehyung's shaky hand in his own and brought him back outside and onto stage as Taehyung's breath hitched.

"Sorry about that."Jeongguk chuckled,"Tae here just needed some air."

A few chuckled erupted from the crowd and Taehyung felt his face heat up, a useless attempt at covering his face with his sweater paws made.

"Taehyung's so cute,"A student remarked and Jeongguk sent Taehyung a thumbs up before announcing,"And now,lastly,Kim Taehyung who scored all hundreds!"

He walked off,not before winking and whispering,"You can do it,baby."


sorry bout this, just felt like i had to give yall something...

this was crappy

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