Hunters on the move!

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Once I turned around the corner, the shadow disappeared from Drac's room.

Not known that something was spying, I knocked twice. Drac appeared a minute after, looking surprised to see me, "N/A, what are you doing here?" "I really need to talk to you, it is urgent." The count nodded, "I have something to tell you as well." He gestured me to come in, as I sat on his coffin, looking a little tense, "My old friends returned. You know...Lora and Connor." Drac nodded, remembering the two, "Aren't they the ones that gone missing at the festival?" "Exactly, they arrived today and introduced me to should I put this...weird guests." I described the men, but Drac doesn't seem to know them, although the fact that they love to hunt concerned him just as much as me. "And they return tomorrow?" I nodded, "Yes, but I fear that they might cause trouble. Lora and Connor were acting strange ever since they met these guys." Drac wasn't in any mood to leave his home now. My story worries him so much; he completely forgets the trip for us. "So what was it you wanted to tell me?" my question struck him hard. He hesitated, before moving his hands, "Oh nothing important. I discuss this issue later on with Mavis and Jonny."

"Good, if you need me, I am in the lobby."

He waved at me, while I left his room in silence. The count let his shoulders fall, all his hopes of a romantic trip was least for a while. The safety of his daughter and monsters are his first priority.

At the village the group has assembled in the local pub.

Lora and Connor were pleased to have joined this group of hunters. But according to the guys, one more member was missing. "Where is he then?" said Lora impatient. "Relax, he is quite old, so you have to wait a little while longer." Unfortunately, Connor strength wasn't patience, "Just let us get on with it! What can an old man do anyway?!"

"He possesses the knowledge you young chickens don't have."

The all turned their head to the door. There he was a tiny old man, a bit of hair sticking up at both sides and just his face and arms identify him as a human. The rest of his body was replaced by a machine. To move, he rolled on wheels over to the bunch.

"I had hoped that he had changed for the better, but I should have known that a monster never changes!"

The group watched him, as he faced the wall instead of them. Connor chuckled lightly, "Hey old man, were over here." "Damn, my eyes sight is getting worse by the day." One of the guys spoke up, "Never mind that, didn't you have a plan in mind?" Lora was devastated, "What, we have a plan from this old goat?!" "In case you haven t noticed who I am...I am the great Van Hellsing! I have been hunting monsters for centuries, the vampire in particular."

"So?" Lora did believe that this was the legendary vampire hunter.

"So?! Without me you wouldn't even get near him!"

"With your speed, we arrive there at the next century!"

Before this fight could escalade, the two guys stopped them, "We haven't got time to fight. We have a plan, remember?" Van Hellsing nodded, "Ah yes, the total destruction of Count Dracula!" He was rubbing his hands in delight, while one of the men interrupted him, "I am surprise though. Isn't your great granddaughter together with the count?" The old man's joy dropped immediately, "She was him." The group was devastated, "What?!" Van Hellsing explained, "I tried to call her one night and the monster on the other line told me, that she isn't living there anymore. It couldn't answer me of where she went. And two days ago, I received a letter that she was killed by Dracula and her body was buried at the hotel grounds."

For Connor was it clear, "So you want to kill him for revenge."

"Not only that! I want to give my great granddaughter a proper funeral, for that I have to find her first."

Lora got worried now, remembering who they left behind at the hotel, "We might have to prevent another murder." "What do you mean?" "Oh Connor, have you forgotten of who we dragged with us to this place?" Her boyfriend finally realized it, "...Jonny."

"No you idiot! N/A!"

Van Hellsing doesn't want to waste anymore time, considering that there might be another life on the line, "okay everyone listen up, we attack by sunrise...that way, he cannot escape. Lora and Connor was it? You take your friend as far away as possible from this place. The others help me in killing off the monsters." The two guys were excited for this hunt. Knowing that there are a lot of monsters with fur, they bought enough bullets to make this hunt more enjoyable.

Outside watched someone from the window the group. A deep chuckle erupted from this creature, "Wonderful, he fell for it!" In a matter of seconds, he turned his arms into wings, flying towards a bunch of shadows, people with pale faces and cloaks. The creature returned back and announced with happiness, "The hunters are on the move." One of the shadows came forward and removed his hood, "So it begins. The council had finally made their move on this hideous hotel. Good job Vladimir." The creature, which resembled the man before him, nodded eagerly, "It took them long enough! So what now, Baron Drackmor?" "We will let the hunters handle this. Count Dracula had enough time to visit the vampire council. After the fifteenth letter they have to make the first move."

"But isn't the visit of vampire hunters a harsh approach?"

The Baron's eyes darkened at his servant, "You seem to forgotten the last time I went to that place. He told me to leave and to never come back again."

Vladimir wasn't too sure if that was Drackmor's only reason to get it back at Drac. After all they have known each other for centuries. They used to be such close friends, Dracula and the Baron...until that day, which changed everything.

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