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"Divi did you pack everything ?" Mom shouted from downstairs.

"Yes Mumma ! "

"Towels ?"

"Han Ji ."

"Have you put the warm clothes ? It's going to be really cold there. "

"Hann Mumma . Have packed everything. Just give me something to eat. "

"Your friends are going to stay with you right ?"

"Hmmm. " Saying this I put my charger into my backpack .

It was the starting of summer and I was going to the Netherlands for a modelling project .

After a hard work of so many years , finally I had got admission in one of the IIITs and was finally having really good time at the college . It was just amazing . Wonderful atmosphere , amazing teachers and even better friends.

But pursuing my career in engineering did not stop me from following my passion . Modelling !

Yeah I was super passionate about it ! It has always been my dream to work with the most amazing designers and models of the world .

And this was my first step towards it . I had registered in the Miss Navi Mumbai beauty competition and was declared the champion of the event .

As a result, I am lucky enough to take part in its international celebration and go to Netherlands .

My friends are accompanying me less because they wanted to give me company and more because they wanted to enjoy their holidays at this beautiful destination .

Being Miss Navi Mumbai was not a small thing ! And so I could afford the latest iPhone X for myself .
Finally I have an iPhone !!!

3 cheers for me guys !!!

Putting my iPhone in my jeans pocket , I switched on my old phone. Though it was old and it's screen had several scratches, still I loved it . Because it had some really amazing memories .

As I still had 4 hours for the flight , I decided to scroll through the gallery of my old phone .

I saw many photos and I suddenly realised that so much had happened these past 5 years .

We completed our high school and had so many selfies in our beautiful dresses , we had several parties , me joining college , ugly pictures of my friends , selfies with my college friends and some other screenshots .

It's so amazing, how these pictures can tell us so many stories. Each picture had its own importance and each picture had a lovely happy memory.

Then I decided to open my secret gallery and found so many funny things. Like the photos of my friends crush , some chats , and manyyyy ugly pics , especially kept to blackmail my friends.

I decided to check out those screenshots and I was sure am gonna find something funny .

There were chats of me teasing Varun about his crush , calling Kabeer a fatty , we all friends talking about your crushes and many other stuff .

Suddenly while scrolling through the chats , I found a screenshot and my hand stopped .
My hand became numb and my heart started beating fast.
I could probably hear my heart beat.

It was a screenshot with yellow background. A screenshot from Wattpad . It was the screenshot of our chats. And the username was written in bold - Liam_Carlson_

It was a screenshot of we playing truth and dare . As in swiped right , there were several other similar screenshots.

I had captured every memory with him . Each moment spent with him was kept in my secret gallery.

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