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     I stood outside the school and kicked the pebbles near my feet. It was getting really cold now, I wonder if I can bear sitting outside during lunch.

I would have to tell Grayson of our new lunch arrangements soon. I checked my phone to see if there were any texts from my Aunt notifying me of her location. Seeing none, I decided to walk home, which was about a 40 minute walk.

Preparing to walk for a long distance, I retied my laces. I sighed and hitched my fingers under my backpack straps.

Before I could walk out of the school, a car honked at me and the window rolled down. Inside was Grayson and I, embarrassingly, got lost in his silver eyes.

Realizing that he said something, I blushed and dumbly responded, "Huh?"

"I asked if you needed a ride to your house." He explained patiently.

I furiously nodded my head, not wanting to walk in the freezing cold. He motioned me towards his car and I entered into the heat.

I softly let out a breath of relief and waited for him to drive. Grayson cleared his throat and I looked over.

We looked at each other for about a minute before I realized what he needed.

"Oh! Yeah my house sorry, take a right here." I directed him from the school to my house.

"You can just keep straight until you see Addisonview on the left. My house is the first house on the right."

It was a silent car ride, so I decided to start random conversations.

"So it's getting pretty cold now. I was thinking about temporarily moving inside to eat lunch. I mean if you don't want to that's fine!"

I looked over to Grayson and all he did was nod. I beamed and remembered the candy I had in my bag.

I took one for myself and gave the other to Grayson. I watched for his reaction as he popped it into his mouth.

"Do you like it? It's guava candy; one of my favorites!" I asked him with a slight high pitched tone due to my excitement.

Again, he nodded and continued driving. As the silence became unbearable, I asked Grayson the big question.

"Why was you face beat up on Saturday? Is that why you missed three days of school? Is-is somebody bullying you? Because we can go to the police if they are."

The car pulled to a stop and I noticed we were in front of my house. Grayson still didn't answer my question and I know we haven't been friends for long, but I wished he trusted me enough. I mean, if I saw Grayson while my face looked beaten up, I'd tell him what happened.

I waited until he told me the answer, which was a long three minutes of him trying to make up one.

"I fell... on my face after I tripped." Grayson answered with a slight unease but clip to his voice.

I just nodded my head and exited the car after hoisting my book bag onto my back.

"Okay. Well, try not to fall anymore," my poor attempt at a joke, "see you at school tomorrow! And thanks for the ride!" I smiled at Grayson and softly shut his door.

Behind me, I heard the car pull out of my driveway and leave. The door was locked as I tried to open it and sadly, I didn't have the house keys as my Aunt, Martha, didn't give me one.

I knocked on the door as hard as I could but there was still no reply. After trying to call my Aunt about a hundred times, I gave up and sat on the doorstep. Huddling to myself, I buried my head in my legs and circled my arm around me hoping that my aunt opens the door, or comes home.

I stayed outside for about two hours after Martha said she was late because of work.

Sorry Elisa. I forgot you went to school today.

It's okay.

I let out a breath and closed my eyes while counting back from ten.






I was interrupted by my counting when I felt someone sit beside me. I looked over and lo and behold, it was Grayson.

He held up the note that I wrote for him and left at the courtyard saying, 'come to the library, farthest right near the private rooms.'

"Grayson! I'm glad you got my note. I would've texted you, but you know, we don't have each other's numbers." I hinted towards exchanging contacts.

He took out his phone and handed it to me. I tried to hide my smile as I entered my number into his contacts.

I took out a sub sandwich this time and gave one half to Grayson. We both ate silently until Leah, one of the senior girls, went up to Grayson.

"Hey Grayson! I'm having a party Friday night and I wanted to know if you were coming. I texted you about it, but you didn't answer." Leah's voice seemed annoying to me today with her high pitched and fast paced talking.

So Grayson has other girl's numbers huh.

I quickly shook the thought out of my head and scolded myself silently.

Grayson looked over to me and gave me a questioning look as in, 'Do you want to go?'

I was slightly nervous and slightly excited when I nodded my head because this was the first party I would have ever gone to!

Grayson nodded towards Leah and motioned her away with a shooing hand. I was silent for a moment before I bursted out with words.

"I'm so excited but also nervous! I've never been to a party, ever. I wonder what I should wear. Actually, what do you wear to a party? What are you going to wear? Where is it by the way? Oh my gosh, this is so embarrassing, I'm going to stop now." I rambled off and blushed as soon as I realized it.

Grayson had his chin resting on his fist and continued to look at me with his regular expression.

"I'll pick you up. And don't worry about what to wear, just wear anything."

My jaw dropped as I heard Grayson speak more than one sentence.

"That's the most you have ever said to me. You're voice is nice, you should talk more." I said still slightly flustered.

Grayson smiled at me.

Grayson smiled at me.

Grayson smiled at me.

My breath literally was taken away, literally. I could not breath because it-he looked so...

Grayson left the table and also left me with my mouth open, eyes wide, and heart...what is this feeling?

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