Chapter 21

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Once our burgers and fries are long gone we go back to Seth's room. My phone has a ton of notifications, mostly from Snapchat but a few texts. Seth turns the tv on, flopping down on the bed completely ignoring his phone as I pull Snapchat up on mine. Seth's story is full of videos and pictures of us. Apparently I played beer pong and I was really good, Seth even captured my sloppy drunk victory dance. The most embarrassing one is me licking salt off Seth's abs. Seth has his phone on the front camera, holding it out from him so you can see his reaction to my body shot and me actually doing the shot. I dip my finger in my mouth, my eyes never leaving Seth's as I trail the digit over each ridge of muscles stopping at the band of his briefs peeking out of the top of his jeans. A girl sprinkles the salt over the wet trail for me before stepping away. Seth bites his lip down at me offering the shot, the same girl who salted Seth's abs hands him a lime wedge which he places between his teeth. My tongue follows the salt path all the way up and then I toss the shot back. I hand the girl my now empty shot glass and my lips brush against Seth's as I take the lime wedge.

"Damn, that gets hotter every time I watch it." Seth says against my neck as he looks at my phone over my shoulder.

I drop the device in my lap and cover my face. "It's embarrassing!"

Seth picks me up and turns me around until I'm straddling his lap. He pries my hands away from my face and chuckles. "Babe, it's not embarrassing. It's hot as hell and was the best way to end the year."

"But I did that in front of all those people, they probably think I'm a slut." I pout.

I wish I could say hopefully they're all too drunk to remember but it's literally all over Seth's Snap so that's not going to happen. Thank you to whomever invented the Internet!

"Who cares what the fuck those people think, Ryan. You're a fucking virgin so anything they think is complete bullshit." Seth argues.

I'd love to agree that what other people think doesn't bother me but I can't. It always bothers me no matter how hard I try.

I sigh and shift closer to him. "I know."

Seth groans. "I'm not trying to ruin the moment or anything but I'm sporting a semi and if you keep wiggling against me like that I'm going to be hard as a rock in two seconds."

My face heats and I go still against him. I can actually feel him under me and my mind instantly tries to picture it. I've never actually seen a penis in real life before, sure I've seen the health class diagrams and stuff but not an actual live penis. I wonder if it would be weird to ask to see it, for scientific purposes of course. He is one of my closest friends so it may be weird to know what he's packing in his pants but it's not like he doesn't sleep around with random girls so would it really be that odd for me to just get a quick look at it?

"Babe, I wasn't trying to freak you out." Seth says pulling me from my thoughts.

I slide off his lap and sit down on the bed in front of him.

I give him a small smile. "You didn't freak me out I was just thinking."

His mouth tilts up into a naughty smirk. "About my cock?"

My entire face heats up and I definitely resemble a tomato right now. Oh my god, how did he know and why did my mother have to be a pale faced ginger! If I had a nice olive skin tone like Olivia he wouldn't see my blush as easily.

Seth's mouth falls open in surprise. "Holy shit I was just fucking around but you really were thinking about my cock."

Just the word cock makes me blush even harder, I can literally feel my blush from my forehead to the tops of my breasts.

"Not like that. I was just curious because I've never seen one." I admit biting my lip.

It's only January first and I already feel like I could die of mortification. First I wake up from a drunken blackout almost naked and on top of Seth, then I find out there's video proof of the embarrassing things drunk Ryan did, I used Seth's toothbrush which I still haven't confessed to him about, I walked in on his roommate having sex on the couch, and I tell Seth that not only have I not seen a penis in real life but that I was also thinking about what his penis would look like. I'm just going to go crawl in a hole and die now.

"Okay so I don't really understand how you're still a virgin because you're hot as hell but how the fuck have you not at least seen a dick?" Seth asks astonished.

I shrug. "I don't know. I rubbed my ex boyfriends through his pants but when he tried to pull it out I freaked and ran out of his room."

Needless to say our relationship didn't last much longer after that. It didn't help that I refused to let him stick his hand down my pants or show him my boobs but there's more to a relationship than sex. I mean we were together for over a year but still, I just wasn't there yet with him. After we broke up I just started rejecting anyone who asked me out in fear that it would end the same way.

"You wanna see my cock?" Seth asks with a tilt of his head.

There's no humor dancing in his brown eyes like usual or a smile playing at his lips so I know he isn't joking. Do I really think I can handle seeing my best friends penis?

"I-I don't know, Seth. It still kind of freaks me out." I stumble over my words, my heart hammering in my chest at our conversation.

Is this even reality? Are we really talking about Seth's penis right now?

"Why? I mean I call him the Hulk but he only smashes when he has a willing partner."

At that I burst into a fit of laughter that sends tears down my cheeks. Hulk, he calls his penis Hulk! Oh my god, I have no words. All I can picture is an angry green penis tearing through a pair of purple shorts. Hulk smash!

Once I'm finally calm enough to talk I wipe the tears from my face. Seth is staring at me expectantly as if still waiting for me to answer his question after he just came out with the name of his penis.

"Wouldn't it be weird if I saw it since we're such close friends?" I ask.

He gives me a big smile showing off his perfect white teeth and popping his dimples out. "No way, you'll see it eventually. I already told you, you're going to be the mother of my future children."

"No you didn't." I shake my head.

He wiggles his eyebrows. "Well I'm telling you now."

I roll my eyes at him and shrug. "Fine hot shot, whip it out."

The words involuntarily come out and my heart practically jumps into my throat. Seth's eyebrows shoot up and the next thing I know he's standing up from the bed and jerking his pants down. Dear baby Jesus what have I done?

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