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Not once did Gio ever became a masochist. When his Dad abandoned him, he never tried reaching out to him. When his first girlfriend pushed him away, he never chased her. When a client told him she didn't like his design, he immediately told the client that he didn't want to work with her anymore.

But when Joanne came, he instantly became a masochist.

When Joanne first rejected him, way back when he was still making a move on her, he didn't mind. Instead, he pushed himself more to her. When Joanne's Dad made him feel that he doesn't want Gio for his daughter, he didn't stopped pursuing her and her family. And when Joanne left Gio in London after telling her that she's selfish for not letting Gio be happy, he kept on waiting for her.

And now....

He sipped on his beer in can as he watch Joanne and her boyfriend from outside the convenience store where they used to go. Joanne seemed happy.  They weren't as touchy as Gio and Joanne before, but the happiness radiates. It reaches Gio.

He scoffed as the guy held Joanne's hand and her smile vanished. Joanne stared at their hands while Gio stared at Joanne. Gio almost threw his beer because of shock when he caught Joanne's eyes. Joanne removed her grip and the guy followed her gaze.

Doll eyes met brown ones, brown eyes met doll eyes and black ones.

Joanne and the guy stared at Gio, Gio stared at Joanne and at the same time glancing at the guy.

Joanne's lips parted.

Gio was standing at the other side of the road, completely far from them but the emotions his eyes has reached Joanne. And with that Joanne stood up and went to Gio, completely leaving the other guy behind.

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