"We don't have enough ammo for that. We'd be dead in seconds," Daniel said, shaking his head. "I think we will have to find some other place.

Savannah laughed, leaving the car silent. "You think we are going to find a safer place to go in this world? The world has gone to hell. There is no safe place anymore."

"I have an idea. Where was that gas station?" Daniel asked.

"Beside the Rabid infested store. Why?" Dante answered.

Daniel scratched his beard. His eyes flashed to the rearview mirror, an idea sparking in his electric blue eyes. "Is there another gas station around?"

"Here's the map," Dante said, reaching into his pants pocket. Daniel hastily grabbed the map, unfolding the paper across the dashboard. His eyes scanned the paper before he let out an aha.

"There's one a mile down the road. Let's hope this one isn't over run by Rabids," Daniel said.

"What is your plan?" Arryn asked.

"We're going to set a few of the abandoned cars on fire. We will need some gasoline, a few rags, and couple lighters." Daniel turned around towards them.

"I thought cars only exploded in the movies?" Austin asked shocked.

"Well, they don't explode that dramatically in real life. It's a smaller explosion, not one of those ones see where the people get thrown like fifty-feet," Daniel answered.

"Oh," Austin said sounding highly impressed.

"Hopefully, the noise and the fire will cause enough of a distraction to pull a majority of the horde away from the parking lot. We can pick off any stragglers with melee weapons. We don't want to attract the ones we lead away back with sounds of gunshots." Daniel looked around the car.

"That sounds like a good plan," Dante agreed.

"Better than anything I could have come up with," Savannah said with a shrug.

"So, it's agreed on then," Arryn said, "we will follow Daniel's plan."

After five minutes of weaving in and out of obstacles, the SUV rolled into the gas station. At the sight of the vehicle, a lone rabid ran up to the car, throwing its eager claws at the passenger side. Daniel gripped his knife in his left hand, hitting the button to lower the window. With one fluid motion, he stabbed the rotted rabid directly in the skull. The zombie fell limp. Black blood oozed down the interior door. A rancid smell spread throughout the car. The scent reminded her of vomit mixed with rotted fish.

"Okay, movie quickly. We don't want to get ambushed by a large group.

Arryn pulled out her knife from her back pocket. Her fingers traced over her father's initials on the black hilt. Dr. Martin had found it in her dad's pocket before they buried him. She practiced with it during her lessons with Dante. It was one of the last things she had of her family. If only she had snatched a picture of her former life—a memoir of sorts—to remember those she had lost.

"Arryn, are you coming or what?" Austin asked, poking his head in the vehicle.

"Sorry, my mind took me back to the simpler times for a second. I want to change so much, Austin. I could still have a family," her voice caught in her throat.

"None of it is your fault. Look, now isn't the best time to talk. How about we talk later, when we get home safely alright?"

"Okay," she nodded, rubbing the tears that had slipped from her eyes.

"Be safe out there, Arryn," Dante said from behind the wheel. He caught her gaze briefly in the rear-view mirror.

"I will," she promised, stepping onto the concrete.

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