"Officer Fal needs us both for this mission."


"You have five minutes."


I left him to do what he needs to do and waited for him at the elevator and played games on my phone. Five minutes later he walks out of his room to the elevator. He was wearing the same as me except he has his combat boots on and of course no makeup. I made him his set of cat ears and tail same with dad's. Downstairs, we both grab a granola bar and a water bottle. We walked into the garage to where our sleek black bikes were. As we put on our custom made helmets that allow us to keep our cat ears on, and hop on our bikes, the garage door opens for us to ride out. We sped off on our fifteen minute drive.

*fifteen my later*

Arriving at the station we park our bikes in our parking spots (yes we have our own parking spots here at the station... No one tries to park there unless they're stupid). We are greeted inside by Officer Fal with the top secret file in hand. I grab the file then walked out because we knew all info we needed was already in the file... If not Blane (his first name) would stop us. Getting back on our bikes, I looked through the file, only to see someone who looked familiar, yet I've never seen the guy before, his name is Ivan, probably seen him on TV or something. Closing the file, I opened the compartment on the back of my bike and put the file in before closing the compartment. Then we rode off to our location, Las Vegas. Five minutes after we passed our house I remembered something important....

"Haha, Hey bro we almost forgot our stuff.... Let's head home, we can load our bikes up on my truck too."


*five minutes later*

We pull in around 3:50 am. "Can you pack up my stuff too I'll put the bikes on the truck.... I'll check our bags when we're done."

"Got it, sis."

I walk to the garage that have all of our trucks in it. We have a garage for each type of car we have (Car, truck, sports car, motorcycle, etc.). I walk up to my truck, type in the key to unlock the truck. Once unlocked I opened the door and grabbed the keys from the visor. Then walked to the back and pulled down the tailgate. After that I walked over to the ramp and pulled it up to the tailgate so I can wheel the bikes up. Walking out, I went straight to the bikes. After getting them up on the truck I fastened them down so they won't move, along with tying down the cover over them. By the time I finished, Ace walked in with our bags. Right as he was going to throw them in I stopped him.

"Bro, I told you I'd look through those to make sure you packed what we need."

"Haha right... Almost forgot... " He said as he set them in front of me. I know him well... He probably packed half with things we need and half with stuff we don't need... And I was right... He grabbed half the amount of clothes we need, no money, video games, we need the chargers so I'm glad he remembered those, no toiletries, and... Junk food... Ugh...

"Come on, bro! I've told you before how to pack... Let's go repack..."

"Can we at least take the games?"

"... Fine go grab a separate bag for that..."



"You're already 19 yet you're acting like a 5 year old."

"OK, once again, we'll go over how to pack... This trip will take a week so grab a week's worth of shirts, pants, whatever you wear for underwear, toothpaste, toothbrush, floss, mouthwash, face wash, washcloths, and the jackets can just go in the truck. I don't trust you with the money so I'll handle that... And since you're bringing your video games, did you grab everything needed for it. Grab your hair dye just in case and your extra pairs of your ears and tail that match the color you're bringing... Do you have your keys?... Good. Hmmm that should be about it..."

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