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I seriously....

I can't even...

I cannot even EXPRESS my feeling towards some of the books on here today. Shocking. Absolutely shocking. Some of the stories are something an eight-year-old is capable of.

Everyone; PLEASE STOP REPEATING THE SAME BOOK AGAIN AND AGAIN! If you were a real writer, you'd think up your own plot. Be an author, dammit.

Look at that "Living with the ______ boys" re-run. Again and again until I want to scream.

Living with the Taylor Boys.

Living with the Walker boys.

Living with the Samuel Boys.

I can't even figure out who was the first person to think up the idea. But wattpad quickly dried the idea out.

"My name is casey summers and im moving in with the six most hot boys in the school called the Benton boys, randy loves me omg omg omg but we are kinda related and some of them tease me. Im am now ythe most POPULAR chick in the school LOL because i am related to these sex gods."


It kind of reminds me of the student and teacher relationship books. They can be ok. But personally I don't want to read about some old guy...

Basically- don't make it weird.

I feel like a lot of them model Aria and Ezra. In case you haven't figured it out I'm an avid Pretty Little Liars fan :)

That's all I got for today, so proceed to the next rant!        


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