❥|| Sunny X Fansigns

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Overall just feels amazing.

Talks to all of her fans when they are with her or when she is waiting for a fan.

Talks too much... she talks to the point where she asks for more time with the fan.

Naturally clings to one of the boys when they are up and out of their seats.
(It used to be Wonwoo but now it's Mingyu.)

Loves answering the sticky note questions because she likes to spill her secrets to the fans.

Acts like a dork half the time. She will make up weird sayings, skip around, and try to jump onto the boys...

Even though she hates acting cute, she does it every second at a fansigning event.

Puffed cheeks, finger hearts, finger guns, and heart arrows for days...

Talks into the mic whenever she can and she usually says "I love Carats."

Sunny, Wonwoo, and Hoshi are always mocking someone's lines.

When they are finished meeting fans, she usually finds herself being carried out of the room since she tries to stay and talk to fans.

Now she is usually around Mingyu, but it doesn't mean she is nice to him...

Blows bubbles in Mingyu's face whenever she can.

Steals Woozi's snacks or she switches them when he isn't looking.

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