Happy New Year 2019!

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 No! I'm not posting the conclusion of my novelette today. I'm doing something more important. I want to dedicate this special post to you, dear reader. I want you to answer this question, because you, as my dear and courageous heroine, María Fernanda, have the same opportunities to chase and live your dreams in 2019. She made a choice that wasn't easy, but was worth it. She chose to fight for her and not let anything stop her to reach her goal. Not even fear.

What's that word that you want to define you in the New Year? Think about it! You have 365 new beginnings, 365 opportunities to chase your dreams, dust them off, and just LIVE what you have been dreaming of in your life! Isn't that worth fighting for? YOU ARE WORTH FIGHTING FOR.

You don't have to wait for anyone to achieve your goals. The secret to your dreams is YOU. It always has been you. You have EVERYTHING you need to make of this year the best of your life yet. Click that button on your mindset, reset, and learn to enjoy the ride as much or even more than the destination. You can do it!

This year I'm bringing you a short story as part of a collaboration for an Anthology, and my biggest project so far... . I'm also writing the novel that will follow my novelette , releasing early 2020. Finally, I'm going back to my story #Shimmy in 2020 where I'm expecting to release it during the second half of the year.

I invite you to be part of my journey and my story as I grow as an author. I hope to be part of yours, too.

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Cheers and the best in 2019!

Yours truly,

MJ Grace
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