Stranger in the Night

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                 It was a clear, dark night with no moon in sight, not even a sound through the darkness, save a soft heavenly yet demonic lullaby. A shadow moving through the night, walks up to a large house. At the door, the figure set a bundle of red silk with black swirls wrapped around a small baby. After saying an incantation, the being set an envelope on the child, rung the doorbell, and vanished back into the darkness of the night. when the door opened, a couple emerged holding an infant the age of one. Seeing no sight of whomever rang the doorbell they start to shut the door, until they here the faint sound of a child's whimper. The mother quickly turned looking to the ground. Seeing they poor thing with light traces of tears the babe had cried, she bent down taking the child into her arms and hands her husband the envelope. Shocked at the suddenness of a child on their door step, the father slow opened the letter, all while watching the baby. A minute or so of staring at the child in his wife's arms had passed before he started reading the letter to himself.  Then, after reading it over a few times more he trades with his wife, cradling his son in one arm and the few days old baby girl - according to the letter that is - so she may read it as well.


To whoever owns this house,

                  I already know you are wolves, so I shall get right to the main point. this little girl is named Aki, born on the 31st of October. She has a twin brother, but where I come from it is too dangerous for female children, her brother is safe of course, no one knows he has a twin sister. The safest place I could think of to hide her was in a pack of wolves to cover her sent. Until she is 18, she cannot come back. If she still wishes to come home that is. Please do take good care of her, and don't let her get mad, she might tap into something bad if she does. I have prepared a letter for only her as well to read when she turns 18.


Her Mother.

                  As she finished reading, she looked over to her love watching the children's interactions. She shed a single tear. Taking the second letter so she could hide it somewhere safe till it was time, they started back inside. They put both in their son's crib as they both fell fast asleep as the son hugged his new sister to himself.

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