The 'No Guilt' Hotel (Lesbian Erotica)

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We met at a wine bar in the center of town and I was immediately impressed by how well Sandra looked. Her skin was tanned, radiant. Her eyes were sparkling. Her light brown curly hair looked like a bloody shampoo commercial. And she was dressed with confidence – just a short blue sundress and blue heels, simple but sexy.

I told her she looked fabulous.

“Oh thanks, I just came back from Spain,” she said.

I asked how it was.

“It was pretty good. Actually really good. Kind of interesting, but let’s have a drink.”

So anyway, we kind of poured ourselves into a delicious Chilean white and just basically glanced around the room, saying who was cute and speculating on what everyone did. Your basic people-watching, we’ve all done it.

About 20 minutes in, and trying to sound casual, I said, “So tell me about that interesting Spanish holiday of yours.”

I’d been dying to ask.

Sandra took a large gulp of wine and began:

“It was kind of a weird set up. How can I explain?”

“I don’t know, but you better not leave me hanging!”

“Well, basically we were on the south coast and there were three types of people at the hotel.”

“The good, the bad and the ugly?” I offered.

Sandra smiled: “If you listen, I will tell.”

“Sorry, I’m all ears.”

“And lips and legs,” Sandra shot back quickly, glancing down.

It’s true, I do have very long legs, and my mouth is full. But anyway, you don’t want to hear about me. Or perhaps you do, but anyway…

“So first there are the guests,” Sandra resumed, leaning forward in a confidential manner. “The guests pay quite a bit to be pampered.”


“Oh yes, they want to be well looked after.”

“Don’t we all?” I offered, with a hint of sauce. I think the wine was having an effect.

“Diana, are you gonna let me tell you the set-up?”


“Then there are the paid workers, the chefs and cleaners and so on, just like in any normal hotel. And finally you’ve got the ‘volunteers’, people like me who are basically there for a cheap, exciting holiday.”

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