B, Nick and you

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Both you and Brandon have a particular...taste for making things in the bedroom more exciting. Every other time you two come together, it's a new adventure. Sex in an alleyway, check. Doggy in a locked club bathroom, double-check. Road head, check check check. Upping the ante was getting harder and harder, although you both didn't need to do it, it was just something that set your toes curling tighter and his cock pulsing harder when your coupling held a bit of an edge. The thrill of it all was foreplay for you.
Then one day came a sudden idea. You and Brandon had been going at it as quietly as you could in the laundry room of the PM house. Somewhere between your load of whites and delicates, Brandon got a little too touchy and a little too impatient, which resulted in you being bent over the washing machine, going along with the spin cycle. You should have know the uneven shaking of the washer would attract attention because suddenly you hear a clatter outside the laundry room door. You and Brandon pause, listening and waiting for any indication of somewhere still being on the other side of the wicker style barrier. Brandon was confident that whoever was there had left, and resumed his hard stroking into your g-spot. You however could still part of a shadow by the edge of the door, but you became to wrapped up in wanting to cum to even tell Brandon about until after you both finished and had resumed doing laundry. You both walk out of the laundry room and around the corner a ways before you get to the living room, where Nick is sitting.
"Hey man," Brandon greets him. Nick doesn't so much glance up at you guys as you pass him, giving instead a soft " 'Sup." As you head up the stairs to your boyfriend's room, you look over your shoulder reflexively after feeling eyes on you. You catch Nick's gaze and when he sees that he has been caught, he quickly goes back to looking at his phone, but the tips of his ears are now tinged a bright red. You continue walking up to Brandon's room, deep in thought. What could have caused such a reaction? You're robotically going through the motions of helping Brandon hang up his clothes, not even really hearing him talk to you about a new movie he wants to see, when you get a face full of freshly washed socks.

"I was trying to ask you what you wanted to do for date night, but clearly you weren't listening," Brandon clarified with an exasperated fondness.

"Well I was just thinking about how weird your band mate was just acting towards us downstairs or was I the only one who noticed?"

Brandon dismisses you with a wave of his hand. "He was probably heard us while we were in the laundry, no biggie." Your mouth dropped open.

"Uhm what?!" you say, embarrassed for both yourself and your sweet friend who've you probably scarred for life. Brandon just laughs. "Relax, babe. Me and him have an understanding

You squint your eyes and him in confusion and he sighs as if it's such a great feat for him to try and explain it to you. "Sometimes, I set it up to where he can hear us," Brandon says with a shrug, rolling the last of his underwear up and tucking it away into a drawer. Your brain short circuits.

"For how long," you ask incredulously, once you're over your small panic. Sure you guys have done way worse on the spectrum of things when it comes to exhibitionism, but still, this is his friend, your friend, someone y'all see everyday!

"Just a couple of times babe, nothing more than a handful. It's kind of like a game we silently have going. You never noticed that most of the time when you're over for monopoly, Nick is as well? I don't really know where the other guys go, but he usually comes back early for this little...show." he finishes explaining with a wink and a smile.

You think back and all of a sudden it makes sense. Brandon has gone back to looking at his phone for movie times, while you work on your mini-big bang theory.

"Wait," you hold up a hand to stop his ramblings about movie tickets and popcorn butter. You smile coyly in half-apology. "I just had the greatest idea."

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