Mine; Brandon

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"Baby you didn't have to do this, we could've stayed at home."

You and Brandon were walking hand in hand to a restaurant Edwin suggested. Brandon wanted tonight to be special because he planned on proposing to you, and he wanted everything to be perfect. Since you were Dominican, Brandon thought it was appropriate to ask Edwin where was the most authentic restaurant.

"You know I would do anything for my favorite girl." Brandon swung your hands and smiled when you giggled at his childishness. "But if you want, we can go back home, because the way you look in this dress is a crime." He twirled you around and admired the way your rich brown skin contrasted with the baby blue dress you had. You took out your braids and decided to show off your new growth. You playfully pushed him away "Boy stop playin." When you two walked in you were instantly hit by the sound of Bachata. You saw couples and families dancing, eating, and laughing, it reminded you of home. Even the older men who were swaying from having too many drinks reminded you of your Uncle Joel. The hostess welcomed you with a smile, she was a older lady "How many?" "Two" Brandon answered. She nodded, got your menus and showed you your seats. You both said thank you and you looked around just itching to dance. You were interrupted by the waiter "Hola, I'll be your server for tonight. My name is Adrian , and what you like to- Y/n? Is that you?" You furrowed your brow and gasped "Adrian Fernandez!! From grade school?!" You got up and gave him a hug. "How long has it been?"you broke from the hug to look at him. "Too long, but you still look beautiful." You giggled. "Boy you play too much!" "Never! Who is your friend?"you looked confused then gasped "Oh! This is-" "I'm her boyfriend. Brandon."he looked him up and down and grabbed you by the waist. "Boyfriend? I thought you would wait for me girasol?" "You were too busy chasing white girls, so you missed out."you joked. "Girasol?" Brandon asked. "It means-" Adrian tried to explain. "I know what it means." Brandon snapped. "Well.. can we order?" You asked before it got awkward. "Of course! anything for you girasol." Brandon clenched his jaw because one: this Adrian dude was flirting with you while he was there and two: you were oblivious about it. You would his arm, give him the same laugh you gave Brandon, and you even let him pick whatever is on you're bare shoulder. Throughout the whole meal he would visit your table every three minuets when it was time to pay he even wrote his number on the receipt. That was it for Brandon. "Lets go." Brandon threw down some money, not caring about change and dragged you out. "But Brandon! We didn't even dance!" You whined.

When you two got home you took off your shoes. "Tonight was fun. Wish we could've danced tho. Adrian was so nice to us." Brandon saw red, and let all out. He picked you up and threw you on the bed. He climbed in top of you a kissed you, full of hunger. When you moaned out, he searched for you guys cuffs. Brandon didn't really like being dominant, but tonight something set him off. You pulled back lips already swollen "What are you doing?" "Reminding you your mines." He looked took of his shirt, and kissed you again. He stuvk his tongue in your mouth and and explored it. You tasted like rum and the dessert you guys shared. He took your wrists and cuffed them to the headpost. "Brandon I don't understand?" "Baby. I think you were a little to close to that waiter. You laughed at all his jokes, touched his arm, just gave him too much attention." You looked down at his body. It's been awhile since you've seen him shirtless and he looked bigger. You don't know if it was him or his attitude, but he's gotten taller. You shifted your legs, moving in arousement. "I'm B, I didn't notice. Forgive me?" "Nahh babygirl. It's gonna take a lot for you earn my forgiveness." He walked closer to you and you tried to back into the headboard.
"SHITT BABY I SAID I WAS SORRY!!" You currently had Brandon's head in between you're thighs giving you the fifth orgasm that night. He slurped up every drop of your nectar. He wagged his head side to side causing you to hitch your breathe. "BAABBY!" You whined bucking you hips. He had three fingers inside you, stretching you out. When he found your g-spot your eyes rolled to the back of your head. "Who's pussy is this?" Brandon pulled back, lips glistening in your juices. "It's yours papi!!" You rode his fingers trying achieve your orgasm. Your hair was surrounding your head like a halo. Even while shouting profanities you still looked like an angel. Brandon went back to your thighs and moaned on your clit. You were screaming at this point. "Papi, can I cum?" You whispered. "Cum on my face babygirl." You shivered as your orgasm took over your body. He didn't even bother to wipe his mouth. "You wanna taste yourself?" You nodded furiously and let him kiss you. You moaned and tried to lock your legs around him and give him a hint. He chuckled "You want daddy's dick?" You whined "Yes daddy." He pulled off his boxers and let his dick hit his navel. "Beg for it." ""Please daddy! I wanna make you feel good! I wanna feel your nut go inside me. I want you to fill me up." Brandon stroked himself to the sound of your voice, and positioned his dick at your entrance. With one stroke your body came undone . "Babygirl I didn't even do anything foreal and you already came" he shook his head and lifted your legs to his hips. He slammed into you groaning. He was making the headboard hit the wall and he didn't care. "Your heart, your soul, your pussy, is all mine you understand?"he growled in your ear. "PAPI YESS!! DEEPER!!!" He listened and hissed when you clenched around him. "Shit I'm finna cum!" You locked your legs around him, and whispered "Cum inside me." His stokes were losing rhythm as he filled you up. He pulled out and tapped your pussy causing you to scream and squirt all over him. He undid the cuffs, and went to the bathroom to get a towel. He picked you up and ran you a bath. While you were recovering, he changed the sheets, and went in to check on you. "You good babe?" You looked at him wearily. Your mascara has smudged and your lips were swollen. Your voice was practically gone, so you nodded. ""I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me." He rubbed his neck. "Brandon, that was amazing! I'll never forgot that ever."you croaked. ""He went to the bathtub to kiss you. "I love you."

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