Chapter 1: Fire Starter

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We press my bedroom door open with our connected bodies. I let him take dominance in the kiss, though it kills me to do so. Men always like to have dominance, even if they aren't the one with it in the relationship. I aimlessly move my arm to shut the door; no one should be home for hours. He pushes my leather jacket down to reveal my black lace cami. While I fiddle with the buttons of his flannel, he begins his assault down my neck, each one deeper than the last. As he comes to the spot where my neck meets my shoulder, I freeze

Not there. My wolf yells at me.

"Forget my neck, move down," I command and he doesn't need to be told twice.

He twirls me qaround and lightly pushes me onto the bed. He probably meant for it to be aggressive but as a werewolf, it takes a little more strength to be rough. As he climbs on top of me, his hands find their place on my hips and he kisses between my boobs where my cami makes a deep V. His mouth sucks lightly on the inside of my boob, making me moan louder than I want. I grab his face with my hands and pull his mouth to my own to silence myself. I kiss along his jawline, only to return to his mouth, where I pull his bottom lip into my own mouth and suck and bite.

"August," he groans.

One of my hands moves into his hair, pulling the strands, while the other travels down his chest, making sure to admire his muscles. Again, men like that. My hand continues down his torso to rub against his groin. He moans against my lips and lifts my leg to wrap around him. As her digs his hips into me, I roll mine into his. I can tell that he's really into this and I keep going because I don't have a thing to lose.

"August?" I hear my name called out before my bedroom door is slammed open.

"August!" This time in fright.

Looking past the guy, I see my 15-year-old brother standing in my doorway with a hand over his eyes. Throwing my head against the pillow, in frustration, and giving the guy above a look, he gets off of me and collects his things. Pushing past my brother, he runs out of the house. I slip my jacket on and collect my hair into a high ponytail. It's auburn waves tingling the back of my neck.

"Julius, why are you home? Didn't you have soccer practice? Or class officer meeting?" I ask in a huff.

"I'm not even a class officer," Julius reminds me. "With the evaluation coming up, the principals, sectors wide, cancelled all sports."

"That must be difficult to explain to the humans," I mutter.

"You're the one that's getting friendly with them. You do know he's on the team with me, right?"

I sit on the bed and groan.

"Sorry you had to see that,"

"I really wish you would stop hooking up. Even if only a select few know,"

Yeah, me too, my wolf complains.

I roll my eyes at her comment. Half the time she's the one pushing me to act out.

This isn't the first time I've messed around with a guy. It's been a parade for the past two years. I'm careful in how I do it. I usually stick to the humans because they tend to stay away from the werewolf society and politics. But sadly, there are so few of them left what with the strong, dominate werewolf gens. And the werewolves aren't too keen about me anymore.

"August!" Julius yells, grabbing my attention.

"Julius!" I mock back.

"Can you please make food? You know mom won't be back for hours, and she won't be in the best shape anyway." Julius begs.

"Sure thing, fire starter," I joke as I get up and walk past Julius.

"That was one time!," Julius whines as he follows me.

I smile to myself at his comment but don't say anything.

47 Days Till... August's 18th Birthday


So Lovelies,

First chapter!!! I'm so excited!!!

How awkward for both August and Julius... walking in on sibling while they are getting it on. Julius probably wants to burn his eyes after that.

What do we think about the countdown?

I stole the idea from a book I read. There will be more than one throughout the book. I will hint towards major events but also gives you a bit of a timeline, date wise.

Comment below with you reactions, I love hearing from you guys.


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