On the phone // Z.K

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shuffling around the bed, you woke up to the LA sun peaking from behind the curtains. a little too bright for your liking, you squint your eyes and roll over hoping to be greeted by the warmth of your lover. to your dismay you feel nothing but cold sheets and sit up fully. you groan and start to feel the soreness from your bottom half. this gives you flashbacks from you and Zion's very intense night last night. it isn't like him to be up this early in the morning so you wonder where he possible could be. while doing this you realize you're still naked so you head over to your dresser, hissing at your soreness, and pull out a pair of your favorite lacy black underwear and Zion's treasured supreme hoodie. satisfied with your outfit of choice for the day, you head out of your room and walk down the hallway and stairs but not before you do your morning routine of washing your face and brushing your teeth. as you get closer to the living room of you and Z's shared apartment, you hear that sweet voice that you loved oh so much. you leaned against the railing admiring him as he sat on the couch talking on the phone to god knows who. you wanted nothing more than for him to fuck you slow on the kitchen counter rather than talking on that damn phone. you decide to make your appearance known and snake around the couch to sit next to Z. he then notices you and whispers "goodmorning baby." he wraps his arm around your waist, pulling you closer and kissing you softly on the lips. you pull away and reply sweetly "goodmorning Z." he starts to kiss your jawline and parts of your neck, not aiming to stir you up but to show his affection. it brings on an ache in between your thighs and you moan softly hoping he didn't hear. still oblivious he keeps talking to who you figured out was Brandon, not paying attention to the fact he just turned you on. you take zion's hand and slip it onto your thigh sliding it up to where you needed him most. he slowly caught on and stared into your eyes, his infamous smirk making an appearance. he starts to rub you outside of your panties feeling your wetness start to pool. as he rubs tight circles on your clit, you moan out "fuck z," hoping brandon wouldn't brandon wouldn't hear. "shhh babygirl" zion coos and bites his lips while looking up from his fingers to your pleasure filled face still trying maintain his conversation about studio sessions. he slowly slides your panties to the side and slips two of his fingers in his mouth wetting them before he sunk them into your pussy. as soon as he did this you moaned out uncontrollably, completely forgetting B was on the phone. "uhhh is everything ok over there?" brandon asked. "yeah y/n just stubbed her toe" z quickly replied. "oh... ok." as zion thrusted his long fingers in and out of your wetness, you fought back your moans by biting your lip and looking down at where he was pleasing you because just looking at his face alone could make you orgasm. wanting nothing more than to give you his full attention, z quickly makes up an excuse and hangs up on brandon. as your nearing your orgasm, he slips his fingers out of you and pulls you up to his lap. you cry out from loss of contact, but not for long as you two start passionately kissing each other. you start to grind down onto his lap and hear little groans come from him. "mmm baby, i want you to ride my thigh." you've always wanted to do it, but never found the courage to ask. being as horny as you were, you simply complied and straddled one of his thighs and looked deeply into his eyes. his hands take hold of your waist and gently rock you back and forth. the friction from his gray sweatpants onto your clit was perfect and made you moan out loud, "this feels so good." zion took this time to admire how gorgeous you looked using him to get yourself off. he mumbled "you look so beautiful like this babygirl," as you bucked your hips against him slowly. finally getting a good rhythm you start to near your orgasm for the second time that morning. he slips his hand under his hoodie you're wearing and starts to play with your breasts and latches his lips around your nipples flicking his tongue. this makes you cry out and throw your head back. he then takes his fingers and and rubs your clit. "you gonna come for me angel?" panting you moan back "mmm yes baby." "go ahead, come for me" he coos and his voice throws you over the edge. your orgasm crashes onto you and you lose control of your hips and start to slow down. "that's it baby" he holds your hips down milking out your orgasm and sweetly places a kiss to your forehead. as you finally gain your breath back you kiss his lips softly and mumble "i love you." as you rest your head against his shoulder out of exhaustion he laughs and replies "i love you too y/n... now let's get you cleaned up." he picks you up and carries you back to your bedroom, resting you on the sheets and going off to start a shower for you.

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