chapter twenty five - animal hunting

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"...Lily? Lily? Wake up, Lily."

Lily was vaguely aware of someone shaking her shoulder and trying to wake her. She stirred and slowly sat up, looking around for the person who woke her up.

"Marlene?" She mumbled, groggily rubbing her eyes.

"It's indeed Marlene here, Lily, though the real question is why you are here."

Lily stood up clumsily, yawning into her hand and looked around at the empty Common Room.

"Why am I here?..." Lily racked her brain for any clue as to why she was here.

She could remember having to clean up the greenhouses, 'borrowing' the plants, a howl/scream sound, a stag and a dog, hazel eyes that reminded her exactly of-

"Potter," She blurted outloud.

Marlene looked confused. "What about him?"

But Lily didn't answer. She was already up the stairs and walked over to the boys dormitories.

Finding the sixth-years dormitory was no problem. Apparently, etching your names into the door was allowed. Lily knocked gently twice.

No reply.

She rapped on the door again, yet still there was no reply.

I'll have to go in then.

She gingerly and slowly opened the door, just big enough for her head to fit in, and cautiously peered inside.

Of course, she should have known. The boys were nowhere to be seen in their disastrously messy room.

The Hospital Wing. Lily thought solemly.

She made her way back down to Marlene. "Are you going to come with me?"

Poor Marlene still looked puzzled. "Come with you? Where are we? - actually, you know what? I'll just come."

She followed Lily out of the Common Room, through the corridors, down one flight of stairs, until they reached the corridor outside the Hospital Wing.

Lily turned to Marlene. "Ok, so listen. Yesterday, Proffesor Sprout made me clean the greenhouse, remember?"

Marlene nodded.

"So I decided, just to get her back, I'd 'borrow'-" Lily made exclamation points, causing Marlene to giggle. "-some plants we'll need in Potions. So, I was about to leave when these two animals - a stag and a dog - appeared out of nowhere. And I think they were Potter and Sirius."

Marlene was silent for a moment as she pondered over Lily's explanation. "So," she said finally. "What you're trying to say is that James and Sirius are illegal animagi?"

Lily nodded. "I guess so. But how do you know they're illegal?"

"Magnus researched it, since he loves learning and stuff-" Marlene looked disgusted for a second. "-and he decided to tell me. Apparently, there are only, like, six or seven registered animagi."

Lily bit her lip thoughtfully. While it was wrong to break the law, the biys had only done it to help Remus on full moons. Secretly, that only made Lily admire them more.

"Let's go," Marlene urged. She opened the door and walked in, Lily following behind.

Madam Pomfrey met them by the first bed. She had just returned from a bed that had the curtains drawn around it. Shuffling was coming from inside it.

"Was James Potter or Sirius Black perhaps in here?" Marlene asked before Lily could open her mouth.

"Yes, but they left about ten minutes ago. They were not in the best condition themselves, but they insisted that I let them go." Madam Pomfrey answered.

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