Final Thoughts

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I've had plans for a final thoughts chapter since I began the research for this story almost two years ago. I may forget to add something so this may update periodically.

Where did I get the ideas for this story?

I've always wanted to write a story based on what a German citizen went through during the war, definitely inspired by 'The Book Thief'. I just wanted someone normal; they didn't immediately know what was going on and didn't know that their actions would impact someone. The longish plot of this (a continuous line compared to a problem - climax - resolution) from the movie Brooklyn. It's intentionally mundane and long but diaries are.

Alfonse Müller is based loosely on Heinrich Müller.

I got the inspiration for Lucy's father from the Gestapo Müller that was never tried for crimes because he disappeared shortly after Hitler committed suicide. Her father in the story was obviously less vicious and was acquitted of his crimes, like many other Nazis.

The baby being thrown into the air and shot wasn't just shock value.

When I was younger, I read 'In my Hands' by Irene Gut Opdyke. It's the autobiography of a Polish girl who helped 12 Jews survive. It's a very touching and I definitely recommend reading it if you're interested in this Era.

There's a scene in there about a Nazi throwing a Jewish baby into the air and shooting it. I put it into this story because after all these years, that image is still in my head from reading her memoir. I decided to touch on it from the Nazi perspective of someone that had remorse for it.

Some gaps will be filled in with filler chapters.

Lucy's time in the field will be touched on more and just other information added to round out the characters.

Peter was going to be a lover.

My original plans for Peter were going to be a love triangle, since Axel never made promises until later and Peter was definitely a bit less of a jerk than Axel but I think ending them as I did worked out better.

This isn't quite a love story.

I pantsed this story instead of planning it to a T. By doing that, it morphed the story from the original bones. I thought I'd write about a young girl completely infatuated by an officer that she has pretty much made into a fantasy perfect guy. But later on in writing, I realized I made her independent in her own way. Her family isn't nice to her except for her little brother who goes missing by running away to the war. Axel claims to be her friend but is hot and cold at spontaneous times. Peter is an adorable doll but he too goes away to the war. Lucy pushed away Imogene because of Peter and him coming onto her. I think it's why she takes such an interest in Irene as well as just her general need of acceptance and wanting to take care of others.

Any other questions? Ask and I'll answer.

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