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"Shawn! We need to leave now if we want to go at all, man."
Justin called out as he pulled a shirt over his chiseled chest covered in various tattoos. He ran a hand through his hair and placed his baseball cap on backwards. He had some time to himself from touring so he wanted to get some priorities straight around the condo that he was taking care of his brother in.

"Hold on, I'm coming!" Shawn called out a few moments later as he sat on his bed, strumming his guitar to a John Mayer song. He practiced daily as if life depended on it, hoping to be a great
performer like his "brother" was one day. Shawn looked down saddened slightly, yet continued strumming away at his guitar while harmonizing.

Shawn and Justin were not brothers by birth, not even by extended family. Shawn and Justin's parents were close friends for years and when Shawn's family were killed in a tragic airplane crash a year ago, Justin took it upon himself to help take care of the adolescent since his mother wasn't able to pick up the role as his caregiver due to her own schedule.

It hasn't been easy for either parties thrown into the situation since Shawn and Justin both own completely different personalities. Justin could be rather harsh some times which conflicted with Shawn's sensitive personality. However they both seemingly share one trait; stubbornness.

Justin quickly walked up stairs and placed an ear on the door, listening to Shawn sing before opening it, startling Shawn.
"Can you knock?" Shawn looked up at him, slight annoyance in the 19-year-old's voice. Justin sarcastically knocked on the wall.
"That's not what I meant."
Justin rolled his eyes and leaned on the wall.
"Whatever. Did you not hear me call you? If you're trying to come along with me you need to get up. You can play with your guitar and pretend that you're John Major and shit later," Justin turned to leave, "unless you want me to leave you here by yourself, you're old enough." Justin said in a dull tone as he left out of the room.

"You'd like that, wouldn't you?" Shawn mumbled under his breath as he carefully put his guitar away that he got from his father for his 16th birthday. Shawn came walking down the stairs, pulling his hoodie on. Justin was waiting by the door.

"About time. Did you take a piss?" Justin asked, looking down at his phone texting his manager. Shawn looked at him and groaned. "Justin. I'm nineteen, I don't think I have accidents like that anymore." He replied in a smart alec kind of way leading Justin to smirk and tease him a bit.

"Oh really? Maybe we should have a clean underwear check just to be sure, mister nineteen year old."
Justin walked toward Shawn, reaching for him causing the younger guy to stumble backwards.
"Justin. That's not necessary." Shawn placed his hands to cover his backside, he struggled as Justin tried pulling his hands out of the way. "S-stop it, man!" Shawn yelled as Justin gripped his waist with one hand, he was successful in pulling his brother's hands out of the target area and managed to pull his pants down causing Shawn to burn in humiliation.

"S-Stop.." he whimpered as Justin chuckled lightly as he hooked two fingers into his Spider-Man briefs and took a peek inside to Shawn's dismay. Shawn sighed in annoyance as Justin took a few moments to be "sure" he was clean.

"You're all clean. Good job. Nice undies by the way." Justin snickered, making Shawn even more embarrassed as he held onto Justin's arm, let out a small squeak and bit his lip as his voice cracked since Justin decided to give his undies a little tug. Shawn's bottom clenched up as the fabric went inbetween his cheeks. "Justin! I don't like wedgies, please stop." He begged as the one tug turned into numerous pulls. Justin smirked and pulled again,
"you aren't supposed to," he replied casually as he continued to wedgie Shawn.

Shawn grunted and whined slightly with each tug embarrassed beyond belief.
"Alright let me stop before you start crying."
Justin smirked before letting go of Shawn's briefs. Shawn glared at him as he fixed his own wedgie, whimpering to himself as he pulled the fabric out.
"You look so cute." Justin cooed to him as if he were a toddler as he reached up and ruffled his brother's curly head of hair. Shawn was taller than him so he motioned for him to bend down slightly. Justin ruffled his hair before pulling Shawn's pants back up for him, making Shawn redder by the second.

"You like humiliating me, don't you?"
Shawn glared at him with his arms crossed and cheeks still red. Justin smirked and pinched his cheek, causing Shawn to back up and rub the stinging area on his face.

"Little bit. Come on, let's go." He said before walking out the door and Shawn following behind him. 'At least he's in a good mood,' Shawn thought as Justin ushered him towards the car. A few paparazzi were near by taking pictures of him as they left their condo. Shawn covered his face as they got inside of the car and Justin being himself as usual flashed them the finger before laughing.

(Let me know what you guys think of this "series"! I'm open to suggestions and I'm actually taking requests for stories too!)

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