1 Prologue

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In the heart of Beacon Hills, live the infamous Hale pack. The pack has been there and has been traditionally the official protector of the established town, for an exceedingly lengthy time.

Derek Hale is, nevertheless, still the Alpha of his pack. Although the pack's dynamics have changed frequently in twenty marked years, that has not.

One remarkable thing is, Derek and Diamond have naturally filled the Hale house with beloved children. In fact, there are precisely eight of them!

Their first-born was, of course, twin girls, Emerald and Jade, and they're presently nineteen.

Their third born child Quinton is now sixteen.

Their fourth born child Ember is now thirteen.

Their fifth and sixth born children were invariably twin boys. Slate and Steel are presently ten.

Their seventh born child Jagger is now six.

Their eighth born child Amber is now four.

The mere thought of children had intimidated Derek at first, but when the twins were born, they promptly stole his loyal heart. Derek then realized he genuinely wanted a house full, and Diamond willingly agreed. One thing is for certain, Derek would move mountains for any of his children!

Presently as for the pack, there have been a few changes there also.

Scott, having a big heart and a lot of boundless compassion, had eventually taken over for Deaton at the animal clinic. He was currently married to Kira, who joined the pack after meeting Scott and promptly falling in love with him. They have two charming girls Sheila and Rebecca who are fourteen and twelve, respectively.

Allison is long gone. She'd promptly turned on the pack after she and Scott separated only months after their high school graduation. She and her boyfriend at the time, Mike, moved halfway across the United States to Maine. Though she has since asked for, and been generously given genuine forgiveness, she genuinely likes where she lives presently and has no desire to willingly return.

They also lost Boyd and Erica during a lengthy fight with a pack of alphas. Derek grieved over their loss for a long time, as did the rest of the pack.

Stiles, however, still lives in Beacon Hills and ended up teaching history at the high school. He also married Malia, who came to town and joined the pack midway through their senior year. They have a son; Reagan, who just recently turned fifteen and is naturally a were-coyote like Malia. They also adopted a girl named Macy who is a fox shifter and good friends with Emerald.

Stiles also managed to assist Derek in learning how to conduct research utilizing the computer. Although when research is needed because Stiles is so much faster at it, he typically ends up doing most of it anyway. Truth be told, him and Derek prefer it that way anyway, most think because they enjoy bickering over the petty things!

Next, there's Jackson; he received a lacrosse scholarship and went off to college. He's liked it there so much he stayed. He's still unmarried and says he relishes it. On the odd occasion, despite everything, Diamond says she perceives the sadness in his voice when he comes visiting. She says she detects it on his face when he looks around at all the happy couples.

Lydia ended up going to the University of California and becoming a lawyer. She was one smart cookie and has done well for herself. She's also unmarried, but some think she still pines after Jackson. If she does, she's excellent at hiding it when she's around him.

There have been a few come and leave peacefully in twenty years, but mostly they have been good years.

There have been quite a few marked changes in the extended family also.

Take Cora for a specific instance. She's currently married to a nice wolf shifter named Mason and the two of them have been living out his lifelong dream on an archaeological dig in Egypt.

Diamond's beloved brothers Onyx and Jet ultimately met their soulmates and promptly married.

Onyx married a kind-hearted human girl named Sybil and she gave birth to six children, three of each gender.

Jet married a bitten she-wolf named Rylie. They have four kids, three active boys, and a charming girl.

Oh, and Carnelian's charming wife Jessica ended up obtaining her ultimate wish, a baby girl. Well, truthfully, they promptly ended up efficiently producing three of them!

So, the number of girls finally balances out all the testosterone in the family!

Well, I genuinely think that gets us caught up on what has been happening. Now on to what is going on presently.

**Please remember this is an A/U (Alternative Universe) so it doesn't go by the TV series. I'm just using the characters in the show**

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