Chapter 4: The Engagement

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Edward entered the COCK door, and saw that the bathrooms and showers were one room, with a large, thick, wall seperating them. He turned left to the showers and chose a cubby in the large grid of spaces which sided one of the walls. The showers were seperated with walls and curtains, like a public swimming pool. He then realized that the cubbys were numbered, and matching numbers on the showers. He looked to see which number his cubby was, and it said, A12. He looked for the shower numbered 12 on the A side. He found it and entered it, and saw a small metal door at the back of the shower, he opened it and to his suprise found his sleeping clothes. Quite surprised, he drew the curtain and declothed, starting first with his wolf hide cape, followed by his shirt, hightops, pants, and then the undergarments. He placed them in the door, and started showering. All he could think of was the fact that upon walking out of this bathroom, people would be in there. What if they didnt like him? Edward shook the thought as it is juvenile to assume that everyone wouldn't like him. And then struck his heart, a thought went through him, what if that girl on the trail inhabited this longhouse? The girl who had looked at him lustfully with her friends on the trail, what would he do? Well, he thought, if she is i will just have to flaunt my half-real confidence. Many other things went through his mind, such as, what will classes be like? How hard is magic? All of these thoughts, despite their weight, did not distract from the one thought plaguing his mind. That girl. He had finished washing his hair, dictating the end of the shower, so he turned the water off, dried himself with a towel that appeared in the metal container, and dressed himself in the comfort clothes. The socks were traditional wool, the only thing strange about them is that they were knee height, traditional 1800s underwear, then the pants, which were a crotch-not-so-low harem pants very loose at the knee and tighter on the calf, then black moccasin high top boots, then a red plaid flannel that had a suprising amount of mobility, he could hug himself and feel no tension whatsoever. Then finally a matching plaid trapper hat. Feeling very comfortable, he proceeded to the door, he took a deep breath as he opened it, and looked out at the room. There was a person at every bed, talking with their friends and some of them flirting with girls, a sight not very common in arizona at least. The girls were talking to eachother on their stomachs. He walked to his bed and sat down, pulling out his pocket moleskin and started drawing. He drew the length of the longhouse, starting first at the door and working his way to the beds closer to himself. He looked up from his book to survey the bunks in front of him. His eyes slowly going from the foot of the bed to the middle. He stooped because he saw a girl and keeping his slow, dazed gaze slowly went up the girls body and stopping at her face. His eyes widened. It was the girl. It was the fucking girl from the trail. She looked straight at him and giggled, then turned to her friend which was on her stomach reading a book. He gulped and went back to drawing. "Hey your new here right?" The girl asked. Edward was suprised he heard her given the fact that everyone was talking. But something he hadn't noticed before was that while everyone was talking, it was fairly quiet conversation. As he was realizing this, he then, realized he hadnt answered her question. Feeling embarrassed, he shook his head and said, "Yeah.." "Well hi, my name is Molly Manoly." She smiled, getting up and putting out her hand. She had a firm grip for a woman, but it then softened, so much so that edward had to conciously adjust his grip. "Edward Mortimer." They kept shaking hands a few seconds longer than he thought was necessary, looking i to his eyes the entire time, her mouth ever so slightly agape. They stopped and she she turned around, signaling to him that she wanted to sit on his bed. "Is it alright if i sit here?" She asked. "Yeah sure." He scooted to his left a bit so she would have a bit more room yet still managed to sit pretty close to him. God she was gorgeous. She had large thighs and a thick mid section. Her breasts were a bit smaller than is normal of someone her age, but her chest in general was small, aswell as her neck. Her face was quite slim, her eyes a waning gibbeous shape, and blueish yellow-hazel in colour. Her nose and mouth were fairly Grecian, and had curly black hair that extended to her curvy waist. "Where are you from?" She asked. "I was born and was raised till 7 in ireland, than my parents died in an IRA-English conflict, so my uncle took me to live in yuma arizona." Edward replied. "Oo i love ireland, what part?" She said excitedly. "At the base of Sleive League, backing into a cave that curved around into a hot spring, about 50 fert underground." He smiled, looking at his feet as that sounded a lot like bragging. "Wow, your parents must have been either very lucky or very rich," she said. "Yeah.." Edward replied. "And living in yuma must have been horrible." "Yes, its a cancerhole." Edward said. She laughed at a volume edward thought was a bit loud and then looked at him smiling, pushing the hair behind her ear. Edwards heart was giving off great palpitations, and thought it a great time to smoke. "Hey, can we smoke in here?" He asked molly. "Are you 21?" "No." He replied. "Then you'll have to smoke outside." She said smiling glancing to her feet, pushing a couple strands of hair behind her ear again. "Yeah okay, uh, do you want to come with me?" He asked, thinking he might have a chance with her. "Yeah, sure." He got up and walked out, ducking under the doors , and out to a deck, just right to the long house. He opened up his coinsack and pulled out his pipe and tin. He assembled his pipe, then packed the bowl. He brought it to his mouth and lit the tobbaco, taking a fair hit. He passed it to molly, as he french inhaled the smoke. "Nice french." She said. He laughed and smiled saying, "Thanks." She took a deep breath and then heaved from the pipe, the tobbaco visibly shrinking. She blew out a cloud of smoke thicker than her midsection. Very surprised by this, he took back the pipe, and looked at her. She held back a smile and raised her right eyebrow. Her face then grew redder, then ultimately coughed pretty hard. This turned edward on by a great amount, seeing how well she took it and how big of a cloud it was. He laughed and said, "That was pretty big, but you havent seen anything yet." He took a very deep breath, and then put the pipe back to his mouth, and completely submerged the flame of the lighter in the tobacco, and straightened his back as he took the hit. He blew out a cloud of smoke big enough to obscure the vision between the beds in the longhouse. He leaned on his knees and wheezed. He they both were coughing and laughing at the same time, edward ending up slowly falling to the ground coughing. About a minute had passed and edward was back on his feet, and they both had stopped coughing. They continued to share the pipe, talking to each other. "This pipe is gorgeous," molly said "where did you get it?" "I got it at the smokeshop next to Calentino Catalysts." He replied. They both then looked at the sunset covering the sky. "Hey uh," edward started. "Hm?" Molly said cutely. He was going to ask for her phone number but they probably dont have phones here. He decided to ask anyway. "Do you have like a phone number or something?" He felt stupid asking. "No, but i have a calling word," she said smiling. "Write down in a notebook, dtonnta salainn ó dheas, and whisper to the wet ink my name." Very confused edward said "Alright." And smiled. Suddenly a large noise was coming from behind them. They turned around and saw everyone in the longhouse exiting, chanting, foreign dunk! Edward had no clue what this meant, and looked to molly for an answer. "This is the tradition that we do for first years and new students." She said. "You go to the foot of the water, strip to your skivvies, turn around gesture." Oh shit, Edward wasnt ready for this. "The girls usually do something flirtatious, while the men flex or something like that." She said. People were emerging from longhouse edward hadn't seen before and were all walking as a cluster. Molly raised on her tip toes to see more. She then said, "Cmon." She grabbed his hand and led him towards the cluster. Her hand was very soft, and, warm. Edwards heart and stomach was performing the nutcracker in his body, so many things were happening at once, his mind racing, what would he do? Would he just flex like a body builder or do something unique? It was almost too much to handle, the thought of striping naked, how many people were watching, and, molly, holding his hand... He closed his eyes frowned and took a deep breath. They all joined together. A man walked up to a podium set in place, and said, "Welcome! To the Foreign Dunk." Everyone around him seemed to excited to breath. Edward couldn't breath. "Everyone new to this school, no matter the age, will walk to the base of the waves, rid their clothes, turn around and gesture in some sort of way. They shall then swim out to that post, then back." Edward turned to molly and said, "What should i do?" Molly replied, "Anything. Keep it simple, my first year i leaned back, brought my hand to my mouth and bat my eyes." Alright. Edward was just going to flex. "We will start with!" The announcer said. Just then he saw a man running up to the announcer, it was francis. He whispered in his ear and backed away, looking at edward. Then he looked at molly next to him, then they're conjoined hands, and raised his eyebrow and smirked. "The first person shall be!" The announcer yelled. "Edward Mortimer!" Shit. Edward squeezed mollys hand and turned to her. She nodded and slightly pushed him forwards. He let go of her hand and walked up to the base if the waves. He wasn't ready. Nobody had told him he would be doing this. Eyes heavy he removed his fur trapper, followed by hus shoes and socks. With every piece of clothing his face quivered more and more, his eyes misty. The cave in his stomach was nothing compared to the ravine that was caused when he removed his pants, and then last of all, of course, the undergarments. He flexed every muscle in his face as he turned around, to stop himself from quivering. From crying. He was greeted with applause when he fully turned around. He brought his hands together in front of his stomach and flexed as hard as he could. He heard another rou d of applause when he did this, and a very large whoop from molly, her mouth open and the corners of it stretching from ear to ear. He felt a little better at this. He turned around and started running towards the water and jumped in. It was at least 30 degrees, knocking the wind out of him. He let out all his emotions, he didnt care, in the cold water people wouldn't be able to tell sea water from tears, and anxious quivering from shivering. He swam as fast as he could towards the post. He resolved and took a deep breath stopped crying and reassembled his composure, and swam back. He was greeted with applause and woolen blankets from other staff. One staff memeber brought him his clothes, which he put on at once. He walked over to the area they told him to, a bonfire with logs for seats aroumd it, about 30 feet away from the long house. He sat on the end if one of the logs, looking into the fire. He heard steps behind him, it was molly. "The waters cold huh?" She said. "Eh, not too cold." Edward replied honestly, he had a lot more cold resistance than most people. While it had nocked the air out of him, that was just reflex. "Oh, trying to brag huh?" She smiled. He just looked at his feet. "Hey," she said, the smile coming of her face. "No-one is going to make fun of you or anything." She said sympathetically. Edward continued to look at his feet. "I dont know how they could with that fuzzy schlong of yours." While edward laughed he really had died inside from this comment. She sat next to him and pawed for his hand, which he gave. I mean what else was he supposed to do, plus why would he reject not holding a girls hand. People went on, showing their gestures and dipping into the water. One kid dabbed, and both edward and molly nearly puked into the bonfire in response. Even though 20 minutes had passed, and almost averybody was done and was perusing the grounds and sitting at the various bonfires that had been lit, edward still felt very exhausted from the anxiety. Molly noticed this both from looking at him and his tone in their conversation. "Hey, i know just the thing." She got up and walked to a little stand set up near the bonfire. She asked for something, holding up a 2 fingers. Trying very hard not to look at her rear, edwars looked at the snacktender. He poured a very dark gold liquid from one of the taps into drinking horns. She took the drinks from him and walked back to edward. She passed him a horn and sat down. Edward smelled it and was quite pleased with it. "What is it?" He asked. "Øl Søtt Brød, lemon and hop kvass mixed with juniper mead." Molly replied. "It is quite delicious." Edward continued smelling it, very taken aback by how pleasant the smell was. He brought it to his lips and took a swig. "Ohh," Edward said orgasmically, taking another drink. Molly giggled at this comment, "Its good isn't it?" It tasted like citrusy slavic justice with essence of viking Dwayne The Rock Johnson. Everyone finished taking the Foreign Dunk, and were clumping around the bonfires. Chili was being put next to the fires, and was being served. They ate dinner and finished their uptown slav juice and walked back to the longhouses. They all got ready for bed, and edward while taking his shoes off, ferociously looked at the ground to prevent himself from looking at molly take her shoes and socks off. He climbed into the sheets and said goodnight to molly, and drew the curtains. He was cozy under the covers, not very hot even though he was still wearing the shirt and pants. I wonder what his first leson would be like, if it was tomorrow. I geuss he'd just have to find out. (CLASSES DO NOT START, GIVE COUPLE DAYS TO LEARN CAMPUS)

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