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 The alstroemeria flower is symbolic of wealth, prosperity and fortune. It is also the flower of friendship.

Claire and I meet up after school and I explain to her what happened at lunch.

"What a dick," Claire says while she rolls her eyes. 

"Yeah, I know," I take my camera out and change the settings once again. "You better post some of these to your instagram now, okay?"

Claire hums in agreement while she fluffs her shoulder-length blonde hair. She gets into a pose and I snap a few pictures and then she switches her pose and we repeat this a few times.

"Wow, I can hardly get enough of these. Even after an entire school day, you're still looking like a snack," I laugh while looking through the photos.

"Thanks, (Y/n), but we all know you're more of a snack than me," Claire says while tossing her hair up.

"Ha Ha," I say, rolling my eyes. My phone starts to ring and I look at the caller ID. 


"Uh? So my dad is calling, which is weird, give me a sec."

I set my camera down and Claire fiddles with whatever until I finish.


"(Y/n), It's dad."


"I need you home now, where are you?"

"I'm staying after with Claire, is something wrong?" My heart rate picks up and my hands become slightly clammy. I hear voices behind me and I turn around to see Jayce and Blake again - the latter talking to Claire. I make direct eye contact with Jayce and I roll my eyes.

"-n)? (Y/n)." My dad says sternly.

"Huh? Yeah, I'm here."

"There's something that your mother and I need to tell you that is very important. I need you to head home now."

"O-Okay, I'll be home shortly," I end the call and gather my stuff, the trio looking at me. "I'm sorry, Claire. My dad needs me home asap - he says it's something really important."

"It's no biggie, (Y/n). Hopefully it isn't anything too bad," She jokingly says as she hugs me goodbye. I wave to the three and walk to my car, tossing everything in the passenger seat.

I turn music on to calm my nerves and when I get to my home, I park my car and walk inside. My dad and mom are sitting at the dining room table looking somewhat sickly.

"Mom? Dad?" I ask, cautiously setting my things down.

"Come sit down," My dad says. Walking over, I sit across from the both of them. 

"We hardly know how to tell you this," My mom starts while ringing her hands.

"When we found out your mother was pregnant with you, I had gotten a job opportunity around that time," He says, looking at my mom and holding her hand. "There were a few things that I had to agree to. One of those things including you."

At that moment, 100 possibilities run through my head. None of which I knew were the right one. The pounding of my heart overtook most of my hearing.

"W-What is it that you agreed to?"

"Your mother and I both agreed that when you were in your senior year of high school, that we would let you know..." My father trails off and I urge him to continue on.

"You're in an arranged marriage with another wealthy man's son."

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