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The week had been very gloomy in its vibes, spreading the disease to Ayden and anyone else. Being dead, I was immune to those auras. Energy couldn't affect me.

Ayden came out from his shower and used his towel to dry his hair, scrubbing it against his head. He looked at me and scowled, clearly disappointed by my presence. Not this moment nor anything similar could falter my dreams, though. I was determined to help this man.

He sat back on his small couch, his body sinking in about twenty percent of the way into the cushions. He looked at me. "We know you've died recently. If I hold off just long enough on changing, which I will no problem, I will get all of it out of you. What letter did your first name start with? A?" He studied my face for any reaction.

I kept it perfectly still. I wasn't going to let him win. He went down the alphabet, carefully observing my face to see if I would crack. "D." He leaned closer, whispering. I only stared at him, knowing that my confidence was strong. He wouldn't break me. He rubbed his chin as he was thinking. "E."

As if on cue, my throat swallowed. I didn't know why. I no longer was human. My body was just my soul now. I was spiritual and not physical. I had no muscle memory to throw off my game. But my soul knew... It was the name I had gone by my whole life. I had gotten accustomed to it. I couldn't forget it that easily, even if it was useless now.

He narrowed his eyes just slightly, sitting back. "E. Your name starts with an E. Eve? That would be ironic. Eva? Erika? I'll figure it out. Eventually, I will."

I looked back at the counter I was wiping down. I had to get his mind distracted. I had to somehow fix this, and try to get more baby steps in motion. What about his family? Where were they?

As Ayden slept that night, I sat in my little nest in his closet, wondering where his family could be. I was going to bring them to him and try to start somewhere. Family came first, and that had to be my first start. It could help uncover why he really was like this.

Over the next days, I spent my time really trying to find his family. Of course, it wasn't too hard. They had his last name and they lived within the states just as he did.

I had anonymously left a call for them letting them know about Ayden's accident. It wasn't a lie to get them here, so I didn't feel guilty about it.

There was a soft but solid knock on the door. I looked at Ayden. He watched the little TV and looked over at me when the knock repeated itself. "Are you going to get that?" He lifted his eyebrows in question.

I didn't want to answer it, in case it was his family. I don't think he wanted them to know I existed, nor did I want them to know. I was trying to do this as invisibly as I could. "I can do one thing at once. I can finish your lunch and you can answer the door, or I can answer the door and you will starve." I looked up from the macaroni salad and burger and looked his way.

He groaned in an irritated manner and pushed himself off the sunken in couch quickly. He opened the door rather in a rude way. I inched my way towards the wall, keeping myself out of sight of whoever it was. Ayden went to slam the door but the door was stopped and pushed back open. "Not so fast, son."

The man stepped inside the apartment and looked around in disapproval. "So, we were told you got into an accident. Why weren't we informed?" This man seemed to be his father. He was stern with his tone of voice.

A woman by his side hurried to Ayden and grabbed his face, checking his injuries. "My baby almost died and I didn't even know! How do you think that makes me feel?"

His parents seemed to care, and they could be around each other. So, why was Ayden truly the way he was?

Ayden glared at the woman who had birthed him, making sure she knew he wasn't excited about her affection. "I didn't tell you guys for exactly this reason. We agreed to go our separate ways." He turned away, trying to find something to distract him from this situation. His apartment had nothing, so the idea failed miserably on his end.

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