Authors Note...

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Yeah soo....

I'm back bitches!!

But for real, hello my beautiful intellectual badass readers. I'm sooooooooooo soooorrrryyyyy!

I know I suck at writing so don't go in the comments and rant about it okay? Writers block fucking sucks, and a lot has happened this pass year that fucking suck ass, like REALLY BAD.

Loss relatives, and all that sad jazz but I guess I'm just to blank to dwell in my depression.

Didn't cry a any funerals and my family's starting to think I didn't care about the people that died, when in reality I really fucking loved them I'm just kinda bad at showing FAMILY that I care.

But anywho, things are hard, with school and all, but I'm really sorry I haven't updated in like....FOREVER...

As stated in the last authors note by one of my besties, he and my second bestie are making a Yaoi story.

If you are homophobic, not to be mean but don't read it because it's a gay story and kiss my lovely little—never mind.....

But on that note, love you guys for supporting me and voting for this worthless book of mine. I promise I will update soon!

See you next chapter!😎✌

~Lemonade out~

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