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↳madelaineidhart: zane told me him and i were going to taco bell

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↳madelaineidhart: zane told me him and i were going to taco bell. while we were on way, he decided to pick up willow. i was cool about it since she's my roommate. then he took a left on the street and picked up mariah and heath. then zane went to pick up hidaya. so here i am sitting in the trunk of the jeep.

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↳zane: bitch you is welcome!!!!!

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↳user31: ew didn't she say she wanted to smash shawnmendes

↳_emmachamberlain: nice hoodie ;)

↳willow.costello: is that all i am to you??! a roommate? 😔 i thought we had something

↳madelaineidhart: bitch stfu u know i luv u willow.costello

↳user7: you should be ashamed!!!!! you ruined shawn mendes career

↳heathhussar: you look really uncomfortable....

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↳madelaineidhart: I WAS I HOPE UR HAPPY heathhussar

↳geoff_warburton: i'd smash shawnmendes

↳suzyantonyan: wow girl!! you're glowing 😩

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↳teddygeiger: oh wow, she is pretty! you were right shawnmendes geoff_warburton

↳user96: you are so gross for saying that

↳jamescharles: we love a glowing sister

↳madelaineidhart: I CAN NEVERRR jamescharles

↳nickantonyan: tfti

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↳vardanantonyan_: youre fatass would have taken the whole car if you went nickantonyan

↳user10: omgagagaa vardan came for jonah 💀

↳user54: why is shawn getting tagged in all her posts?? she's not even relevant

↳user96: a video of her saying she wanted to fuck shawn is trending user54 she is honestly a disgusting person for saying that