Chapter 1

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Piling all of the information I could find about Miles Lancaster and all of the documents and proof that Phil had sent me, I finally sat down in my chair. A year ago the parents that I loved and cherished died in a car accident. I was 25 and devastated, but I was no longer a child and knew that I needed to do what was best for me and make my parents proud. I had slowly started cleaning out documents that my parents lawyer needed when I had come upon my own birth certificate. It was only then that I realized that I was never technically their blood child. I had been a foster baby and then was adopted when I was one. I had very limited information to go on seeing that I only had information on my birth mother. 

I had researched as much as I possibly could about my birth mother, Leanne Evans. All I had found was an obituary of her death when I was three, and multiple arrest charges for drug position and prostitution. What I couldn't find was any information on my birth father. I didn't even know if he knew I existed. This is why I decided five months ago to hire a private investigator to find anything about my biological parent. 

After receiving all the information, I felt overwhelmed and uncertain. I needed someone to talk to and I felt completely limited on who I could talk to. I couldn't talk to Ben, considering the circumstances and that he didn't even know that I was searching for information on my birth parents. I couldn't talk to my parents anymore - or I couldn't actually have a conversation with them. This left my best friend Jules. She was the one person I felt that may understand where I was coming from and could possibly give me advice on what I should do. 

With the overwhelming sense of needing to meet with Jules face to face, I glanced over at the clock on my office wall and seeing that it was 5 p.m.. I felt like it would be okay to give Jules a call since she'd be on her way home.  

"Hello?" Jules's voice rings out in her always happy perky tone. 

"Jules? Can we meet? I need to talk to someone. I feel like my brain is going to explode." I know that she can hear the stress in my voice. It's silent for only a second before she responds. 

"Absolutely, our usual? Meet in about 30?" Jules still keeps her voice happy, even when knowing something serious is on my brain. I'm able to relax knowing that I can have someone to discuss my problems with, someone who has zero judgement, someone who can give me the best advice possible.

"Thank you." I sigh out in relief. Hanging up quickly, I know that it'll take about 30 minutes to get to our favorite coffee shop. I pack up the one case file I need, placing it gently in my bag and head out of the office. Hurrying towards the elevator, I smile and said goodbye to the coworkers that I see and pressed the down button too many times to be reasonable. 

"Impatient much?" I heard a male baritone voice laughing slightly behind me. With a quick flip of my head I glanced over my shoulder and gave the male my most sincere grin. 

"Always Brad. Thought you'd have figured that out by now." I smiled at him as we both stepped into the elevator and to appease me he quickly hit the ground floor button. 

Brad was one of my biggest role models. He had been friends with my parents and had watched me grow up, we had basically asserted him into the role of my godfather. He had started BH Associates two years after graduating law school and grew his company to the amazing firm they have today. He, along with my parents, were the ones that inspired me to go into law in the first place. He let me have multiple positions starting in high school as a receptionist, helped me get my first start as a legal assistant (which also helped while in college), and gave a raving recommend to get into the law program at UW. He was also the first person after I had graduated Magna Cum Laude to formally give me a job offer as an associate in his own firm.

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