Chapter 5

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Cass' POV:

I can't believe I'm actually going to my first alien scene with the rest of them, finally. Sure I've seen a lot of alien stuff considering who my dad is, and the fact that I was travelling with him in the TARDIS for years. It's been 4 years now since I started travelling with dad full time, I didn't want to be alone anymore. It just got so boring, so I sent dad a message on the psychic paper and he came and got me.
The rest of the team have been of one or two missions after I came here, it was only stray weevils, but I wanted to go with them. But Jack always said that I wasn't ready yet.
Everyone treats me like a kid all the time, but I'm a grown up now. I'm 203 years old, I can take care of my self. And this is my chance to prove it, I'm gonna prove to both Jack , Torchwood and dad that I can do this, that I'm good enough.

''Here we are.'' Jack announced before stepping out of the car. I followed as they walked over to the crash site, but as a was about to step inside the tent I was stopped by an officer.

'' And who are you?'' the man said With little care.''I'm With Torchwood.'' I answered calmly.'' Yeah right, Torchwood doesn't hire kids.'' He laughed, okay that's it. I pulled out my psychic paper and handed it to him, he studied it closely before handing it back to me.'' My apologies miss, go Ahead.'' He said while stepping aside so I could enter, Jack stood there and just looked at me.'' What? I had to get in somehow and I couldn't see you, and I was NOT gonna Call for you.'''' Nothing, I'm just impressed and proud of you. You acted calmly and behaved just as Your dad would have.'' He said, and I felt a blush coming so I looked to the ground.'' Thanks.'' I sad before pushing past him and went to the site, With Jack closely behind.

'' Jack it looks like the ship is still intact.'' Owen called as soon as we entered.

'' Yes, and it looks more like an escape pod than a ship to me.'' Jack responded and looked to me.

'' What do you think Cass, any suggestions about species?''

''Ehm, well...'' I started to analyze the pod and thought about all the different species my dad and I had encountered. Then the pod started opening and none of the others seemed to notice as a big brown potato head popped up.

'' It looks Sontaran to me.'' I said, using the fact that I was the only one noticing the alien to my advantage.

'' And what makes you think that?'' Jack answered without looking over at me.

''Well, the Sontaran climbing out of the pod kind of gives it away.'' I simply replied, and the others turned to look as fast as they could.

'' It looks like a potato.'' Gwen exclaimed. The Sontaran turned to her an spoke.

'' You will all fall to the glory of the Sontaran Empire!'' It seemed like the Sontaran had forgotten about me. I remembered something my dad had said last time we encountered any Sontarans, that they only had one weakness, and that was a tube in the back of their neck. So I started to look for something to hit him with, I found a stick right next to my feet.

''What do you want with the earth?'' Owen asked

''To make it's inhabitants subjects to the glorious Sontaran Empire!''

'' Well, we are here to stop you.'' Said Tosh with a confident tone.

''UGH!!'' Was the answer the Sontaran gave, before falling to the ground. The entire team looked at me like question marks.

''How did you...''

'' All Sontarans as one weak spot, and that is located on their necks. It's a feeding tube right here.'' I said and pointed to the tube in his neck.

'' Well done Cass, that is a great way to start your career here with us!'' Jack exclaimed.

'' Much better than me.'' Gwen admitted

'' What happened?'' I asked genuinely curious.

'' I managed to release an alien gas form thingy, who shagged men to death.'' She answered before turning around and started tidying up the tools.

'' What?'' I looked to Jack to get it confirmed, and he just nodded and started giggling.

'' Okay, let's just get him back to the Hub and into one of the cells.'' Jack said trying to hide the giggle.

Well back at the Hub Ianto asked how it went, Jack told him everything, which earned me a pat on the back. While Gwen put the Sontaran in a cell.

'' Well done Cass, can I get you something?'' He said.

'' A cup of tea please, thanks Ianto.'' I answered as politely as I could.

'' Anyone up for Pizza?'' Owen yelled from his lab.

'' Yes, I'm starving'' I called back, and all the others agreed.

*Later that evening*

We all sat around the table in the meeting room just enjoying our pizzas, Jack was the first to break the silence.

'' So, any progress on that poisoned water?''

'' We should have answeres by the morning'' Owen answered with his mouth full.

'' Good.''

We ate the rest of the pizzas in silence, and then we all went home, or to our beds.

'' Good night Jack.''

'' Good night Cass, your father would be proud of you today.'' And with that remark, I fell asleep with a smile on my face.

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